Gorgeous Redecoration Ideas to Complement French Patio Doors in Iowa

No home is complete without a set of gorgeous, well-designed French patio doors that tie the whole look together elegantly. Our French patio doors look even more incredible when placed in homes where the interior or exterior design matches their aesthetic.

There are many ways that you can design, redecorate, or upgrade your patios to look more in line with our beautiful doors, including the ideas and tips we’re sharing below. You can also look at how our clients have designed their patios using other popular steel and iron doors from our collection in the images shared in this blog, finding inspiration as you go:

Turn your patio into a basic boho paradise

There’s nothing chicer than

some classic boho decor, and you can easily pull that look off on your patio. Wicker chairs, earthy, minimalist furniture, artwork, plants such as succulents and cacti, a rug or throw, and voila! It’s a great way to decorate your patio with what you already have and keep a running theme of cozy aesthetics and simple visuals going without compromising on the class that your French patio door will add. Boho decor also gives you the creative space and freedom to experiment with patterns and colors, and you can easily add some flair to your space without overdoing it.

Printed cushions, patterned rugs, or brightly colored throws on your outdoor sofas can bring that pop of fun that you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can stick to neutrals and earth tones, using materials like cane, cotton, and unfinished wood for the toned-down boho-chic appeal.

Add some comfy chairs and a fire pit or BBQ station

Iowa has some incredible weather in the summer, and winters are chilly too, which is why it’s the perfect place to set up a cozy outdoor hangout spot. You can alternate between summer and wintertime using a firepit and an outdoor BBQ grill. Use the grill to prepare delicious meals all summer long and the firepit to keep yourself warm as you use your outdoor space in the winter months.

Both features look phenomenal with French patio doors since the design of these doors is what helps create a cozy ambiance in the first place. They make for the perfect backdrop to this scene, and they keep your exteriors and interiors cohesive-looking, thanks to the design.

Set up an outdoor cooking and serving area

Speaking of BBQ grills, another great way to utilize your patio is by converting it into an outdoor cooking area. You can do so using an outdoor stovetop and oven, BBQ grill, cabinets, and a pantry. It should function how your kitchen would, essentially, and home all the must-have features that you’d need to prepare a meal. If you have the budget for a little construction or renovation, build yourself a multi-functional countertop that fits all of these. You can have shelves and racks placed underneath for all your supplies, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, an oven and stovetop installed as part of these, and use the counter to serve and eat food on.

This is a slightly more elaborate idea than the rest. But it’s definitely worth it when you realize you can host your friends and family both indoors and outdoors and use your stunning iron patio doors as a gateway between both spaces.


Channel villa feels with stonework and shrubbery

Once you have the perfect French patio doors in your house, you’d be missing out if you didn’t have stonework to complete the villa-like feels. Again, this is a bit more extensive and requires professional services to get the flooring laid out, sourcing stones and bricks, and other details, but boy, is

it worth it. When your house begins to resemble a stunning European villa with stone pathways and a beautiful patio door leading you to the inside, you’ll be more than happy you went through with this. It’s a gorgeous addition to make to your house and one that will definitely pay off in the long run.

Since this is more of a luxury renovation, you’d benefit from adding other features such as a fountain or pool too, and transforming your entire space. Additionally, you can also finish off the villa look with tall shrubbery and bushes. It’s a simple touch, but one that looks glorious if done right.

Place more ambient lighting and a coffee table

For a cozier, more low-key, and budget-friendly look, however, you can stick to a few basics that can be DIY-ed. Get yourself a coffee table, cushion, and seating, and pair them with some ambient lighting such as string lights, outdoor lamps, and torches that will set the mood. The right lighting is perfect for parties, casual gatherings, cozy date nights, and just a calm, relaxing sitting area that is perfect for the home and for hosting.

Invest in a canopy for added shade and protection

Lastly, another simple yet high-impact addition to make to your patio in tandem with your beautiful French patio doors is a canopy. You can pick canopies that offer shade when needed and can be folded and put away when you’re done or a more permanent canopy structure that can be paired with shade, lighting, and more. The canopy can shade your French doors as well and create an outdoor sitting area with more coverage and protection from the sunlight, heat, and wind. It also creates a distinctive area for you to hang out on, host at, and socialize in, and you can add tables, chairs, couches, and more to make it usable.



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