Interesting Uses of Barn Doors in Washington Homes

Barn doors are one of our most unique and beloved offerings. They have so much potential for homeowners who are looking to add a little flair to their spaces and invest in statement doors that also offer incredible functionality.

However, there’s also no denying that they’re a little harder to style than your average interior or exterior door.

Not only are they custom-made and fitted to your specific needs and requirements, but barn doors also need to be properly installed and fit the purpose and function they’re being used for. It makes little sense to have a barn door as a front entryway, but they might work as a back entrance or side entrance, for instance.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration and want some fun and funky ideas for how you can use our premium barn doors around your Washington house, here are some of our top recommendations:

Barn doors make excellent closet entrances

Tired of having the same old boring door for your closets? Swap them out with a well-designed, custom-made barn door instead. This is a great way to ensure that your closet looks modern, stylish, and incredibly sleek without much of a renovation. The best part about barn doors is how easy they are to install.

For a closet, however, you may want to think about the functionality of the door as well. If you change inside, it may help to have additional drapes or get the glass frosted to prevent complete visibility. The easy sliding design, however, will become your favorite feature in no time and make you feel like you’re in an incredibly chic new space altogether.

You can replace your balcony door with a barn door

Whether you have a balcony in your room or leading out from the hallway or living room, having a barn door as a balcony entrance is majestic. It’s perfect for that dreamy, villa-like feel and gives your space an elegant yet rustic look.

They’re quaint, modern, yet classic too and can easily make your home’s interiors look more put together. They work exceptionally well for balconies because they’re easy to use and slide open in a jiffy, have great space-saving and open over the wall rather than swinging on either side, and have an appealing design. You can customize them to match your overall aesthetic, choosing from the classic black finishing to something brighter, and build a balcony space that looks amazing. Some homeowners prefer having two barn doors for their balconies, too, with one inside and the other outside.

Make your home office snazzier with barn doors

Got a home office or study and want to upgrade it? Barn doors are the ultimate solution! You can create a gorgeous workspace using interior barn doors such as the Air 5. We love this minimalist-chic design that has a very well-made structure and symmetry, giving you that sophisticated look and feel that’s perfect for most offices and work areas.

It’s also easy to operate and works well as a room divider, giving you just enough privacy to work in peace without cutting you off from the rest of the home. It’s one of the most diverse, multi-functional designs in our collection and can be customized to fit your office space or home study to perfection!

Use barn doors in place of typical patio doors

Patio doors are a quintessential feature in most modern houses, and replacing your conventional sliding or shutter door with something more elegant and lighter is a great idea. We recommend using barn doors for patio entrances, sticking to wider dimensions. For instance, you can get barn doors that slide on both sides, giving you the option to have a wider or narrower entrance based on your needs and preferences. It’s great to have this option for when you’re hosting and need more space and a wider entryway, but you can also keep the exposure to heat, cold, wind, and dust limited by using a single door.

However, be mindful that you may have to deal with elemental exposure and address gaps in your entrance when you have barn doors, but a little sealant and strategic installation of the doors can take care of that for you.

Replace your old pantry door with a barn door

Our pantries are such a neglected part of our homes, and we’re all too guilty of ignoring their organization and aesthetics. But a quick fix for that is to invest in a minimalist-style barn door like the Air lite, which is lightweight yet highly functional. It’s a great choice for easily and quick opening doors, which double as a cabinet for all your kitchen essentials and ingredients.

Alternatively, the Air Lite is also a great option to use as a kitchen door itself. It’s stylish enough to give your kitchen a facelift, while also being practical enough for movement in and out of the room. We barn doors for kitchens are especially useful when your kitchen entrance is in a hallway, and there isn’t a lot of space for a swinging door. 

Barn doors are perfect for your bathrooms

You’ll fall in love with your bathroom once you swap your boring old door with a fun new barn door.

They may not work for bathroom entrances in shared or communal bathrooms, but there’s nothing better than a barn door for your shower cubicle, bathroom cabinets, and other uses. You’ll love how they look and make your space come to life!

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