Guide to Transforming Your Montana Home with Iron and Steel Doors

Each state in the country has its own story, specialties, and so much more. Similarly, Montana hasn't fallen short in creating its image. The state is known as the "treasure state" for its large reserves of minerals such as coal, copper, gold, silver, sapphire, and many others.

Apart from treasure reserves, Montana is rich in architecture. The neighborhoods are lined with different kinds of houses, each more attractive than the last. A normal stroll down any neighborhood will give you a good glimpse into Victorian elements, classic floor plans, and doors and windows that remind you of the yesteryears.

What is baffling about being a state that is known for its progressive ideas, principles, and values is knowing that it’s still stuck with traditional wooden doors and windows from centuries ago. While the architecture is outstanding, the fixtures are what bring properties down. If you have a house in Montana, and you’re worried about how to make it look new again – we might have some great ideas.

With the use of steel and iron doors, you can completely transform your Montana residence. Iron and steel doors offer a simplistic addition of elegance, style, and more to your humble abode. There are several advantages of installing these doors. Let’s explore these benefits, here!

Benefits of Using Modern Doors

Modern-day doors have completely transformed how the interior and exterior of a house may appear. These doors are simplistic, attractive, and elegant and add exuberance to the overall aesthetic of the house. Here are some benefits of using these doors.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

As discussed before, using steel or iron doors will add aesthetic appeal to the overall interior and exterior of the house. These doors are simplistic in design, but add an eye-catching feature to every room that you use them for. Their intricate design details, customizable designs, and more are what make the overall aesthetic of a room attractive.

Enhances Curb Appeal

One of the first things a person notices when they visit you is the façade and the front door. Installing an iron or steel door can give your curb appeal a boost, making it twice as attractive.

Adds Property Value

Even the slightest modification to a property equals its value doubled. When you add high-quality interior and exterior iron and steel doors to your property, you will be able to quote a higher price when you finally decide to sell it.

A Fresh Look

Property modification shouldn't just be limited to repainting the house and replacing furniture, and fixtures around the house. Something as simple as replacing old traditional doors with new modern designs can give your house a fresh look.

Popular Modern Door Designs

French Iron Doors

When you’re looking for a way to jazz up your Montana house, we'd suggest that you start making changes to the exterior of your house. The first thing you can do is replace your traditional front door with a stylish iron door.

French iron doors are a popular choice for the front of your house. These doors are simplistic in design, have intricate details, and can completely transform the entrance of your house. They add to your curb appeal and give a modern look to the whole property.

Wine Cellar Doors

Anybody who owns a wine collection knows how important it is to showcase it – but how do you do it without risking destroying the collection? Wine cellar doors are a great way to showcase your collection without running the risk of having the collection damaged in any way.

You can customize these wine cellar doors with the help of glass panels, several different designs, and the layout of the door. You can opt for a wine cellar door that has a curved arch, a flat top, etc. These can be both iron and steel doors, depending on what you prefer for the interior of your house.

Steel Sliding Doors

Another great addition to the interior of a Montana house is sliding steel doors. These doors are great for areas where you don’t have enough space to install a pivot or hinged door. Sliding doors give the illusion of a more spacious, open, and brighter room.

You can easily customize these doors using large glass panels, adding sidelights, and more.

Pocket Doors

When we talk about saving space, one of the most popular steel door choices amongst homeowners will be the pocket doors. These doors can easily deposit into adjoining walls, where a cavity is created when the door is being installed.

These doors have large glass panels, making the room appear larger and brighter. While the doors are extremely functional, they can be opened to create more space in a room, or to join two adjoining areas of the house. These doors act as great dividers between the living room and the dining area.

Dutch Iron Doors

When we talk about modern designs, we must also talk about the functionality of modern-day doors. One of the most functional, attractive, and practical door choices to make is the Dutch iron door. These doors are split in the middle and can be operated as per your preference.

If you’re working around the area, and need a little fresh air ventilation, you can pop open the upper part of the house, while keeping the bottom one closed. These iron doors work as a great back door for your kitchen. You can even install these doors for the children’s nursery or your home office.

Jazz it Up with Pinky’s Iron Doors

Whether you need a sliding steel door for your home office or a bi-fold iron door for your patios –at Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have it all. Visit our website to view unlimited options that you can choose from. Give your Montana residence the makeover it deserves, using steel and iron doors. Give us a call, or place an order today!


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