Which Steel Doors Can You Use to Elevate the Look of Your Patio?

Whenever you want to view the outdoors but can’t head out, or want to melt away after a long day, you can turn toward patios. They provide an unfiltered view of the outdoors and make for a perfect spot for reading, dining out, enjoying dawns and sunsets, and of course, hosting your guests. Heading out to the patio is a way to connect with the outdoors while remaining within the comfort of your home.

That’s why it’s important that your patio emits a welcoming, homey vibe so your guests can relax easily. While interior details play an important part in building that cozy look, they’re not enough. You need to invest in patio doors that look exquisite and charming.

This is where steel doors come in. Unlike traditional doors, they’re classier, stylish, and more refined. Steel doors can also be customized and come in many different looks, making it easier for you to choose a patio door that reflects your home’s personality.

Here are a few contemporary steel doors you can use to transform your patio into a gorgeous relaxing spot:

Bi-Fold Patio Doors

The first choice every homeowner needs to consider when eyeing steel patio doors is this Bi-Fold door by Pinky’s. This patio door comes with a look that’s unlike other doors, has a flair for grandness, and is minimalistic in every sense of the word. Made up of a black steel exterior and huge glass panes, it’s a cool sight for tired eyes.

With bi-fold, you’ll be letting in an abundance of natural light in your home and getting a clear, unrestricted view of the outdoors. Make your days and gatherings extra special and spectacular with this one-of-a-kind patio door.

Luxury French Doors

If Bi-Folds aren’t your thing, then surely modern French doors will move you. After all, we’re all weak for that classic French appeal. Turn your patio into a luxe affair by installing timeless French doors.

Here are a few iron French doors you can always count on:

Getty — Double Full Arch

Arched doors carry a classy and sophisticated appeal. This is what makes the double full-arch French door a sight to behold with its solid black steel body and an arched top—Parisian feels all the way! This door carries a grand subtleness that’ll just bring about welcoming, cozy feels to your patio. So, why not install it?

Air 5 - Double Mini Arch

Arched doors aren’t for everyone. If you want the allure of an arched exterior without overdoing it, you can opt for mini arched patio doors like this double mini arch. This particular door carries a subtle touch of elegance and luxury, a whole lot of comfort and warmth, and makes entrances and exits to the patio better.

Air 5 with Sidelights Double Flat

Modern to its core, this French door is all about grandness that can be seen, felt, and observed. With this French door by Pinky’s Iron Doors, you’ll be turning your patio into a luxurious spot that one must explore.

Beverly Single Flat

Are you short on space and need single flat doors instead? No worries. This Beverly single flat French door is a true example of a breathtaking single door. Made for contemporary homes, this door is an example of brilliant craftsmanship, meticulous ornate work, and a timeless appeal.

Air 5 Single Flat

And for something subtler, you can always consider Air 5 Single Flat French door. It carries an urban appeal without the overwhelming bits. Sleek, simple, and spectacular, this door is a feeling.

Dutch Patio Doors

Want something different and remarkable? Well, you can always consider installing Dutch doors. Their contemporary style and minimalistic appeal make them great patio doors. Let’s not overlook their double opening mechanism either: the upper section of doors opens independently from the lower one. Why is that so great? Because this way, you can enjoy the outside without having to open the entire patio door. Cool, right?

Here are a few Dutch patio doors you should consider installing in your California home:

Air 5 — Dutch Single Flat

This Dutch Single Flat patio door features a simple, neat, and contemporary style. It carries a sleek symmetrical design that showcases its immaculate craftsmanship and makes every space it’s installed in stand out immediately.

Air Dutch — Fixed Glass Single Flat

Want a more traditional version of a Dutch door? Consider Air 4 Dutch steel door today. Bring together vintage and contemporary, with this Dutch door and make your patio’s entrance exquisite.

Black Steel Patio Doors 

Apart from French and Dutch doors, there are other steel doors that can make your patio stand out. Black steel doors offer a lot more variety and customization, compared to the other patio doors.

Here are a few basic black steel doors you can install to make your patio super luxurious:

Single-Flat Steel Patio Door

Simple, neat, and minimalistic, this single-flat steel entry door is made for modern homes. It comes with a spaciousness that’ll bring an abundance of natural light into your home and make your patio feel superior and cozy.

Air-Right Sidelight – Double Flat Top Patio Doors

This double flat-top steel entry door is perfect for every type of patio. Simple, elegant, and refined, this door takes up space and adds a much-loved pizzazz to every patio.

Getty — Double Flat Steel Door

Contemporary homeowners looking for a modern steel patio door that will elevate their patio can always do well with this Getty — Double Flat steel Door. Chic, sophisticated, and a work of art, this door is what adds to a patio’s appeal.

Air 4 — Dual Single Black Steel Door

This dual single steel door with a middle fixed panel is made for grand entrances to patios, rooms, and everywhere else. With its sophisticated appeal, modern feel, and grand exterior, your contemporary patio will just look a hundred times better.

If you're looking for stunning steel and iron doors, head over to Pinky's Iron Doors. They have the largest collection of ready-to-install doors and even offer custom iron door solutions. Get in touch with them today!

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Rachel L. is an interior designer who believes in creating minimalistic homes. She claims the harmony of contemporary homes is unlike the rest, especially when the non-traditional exterior and interior doors are installed to elevate a home’s look.


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