Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Front Porch in New Mexico


Ti's the seasons to  spruce up your home’s exterior, decorate your front door, and lay out some cookies for Santa! If you're looking for ways to decorate your exterior entryway and leave an impression on Santa and his elves, this blog is just what you need!

Read through this post to learn how you can completely transform the look of your front porch and get your house ready for the Holiday season ahead!

Instead of going for those fairy lights, here are some great decoration ideas for your front porch!

Add in a Splash of Color

A tree, frosted wreath, or faux garlands go perfectly with wrought iron doors. Faux greens can bring a very earthy and natural green to your home, especially if your home is usually covered in a white blanket of snow during the holiday season.

Or you can also place some natural plants in different types of gardening containers or plant pots and make your entryway all the more appealing!

A Basket Bouquet

Something that’ll look perfect in front of your iron door is a basket bouquet crafted from berries, branches, and clippings.

A Traditional Garland

A perfect look for your gorgeous double iron doors is an equally pretty garland with pinecones and lights to really get that traditional look.

More Modern and Chic

If you aren't big on traditional decorations and fairy lights, you can opt for berry wreaths and for your modern steel entry doors.

A Pretty Floral Touch

Make your single iron door pop with some flowers like poinsettias and cedar garlands to make a striking impression. 

A Winter Paradise

 Use logs, green clippings, and galvanized buckets to accentuate your wrought iron doors.  Make it cozy by considering doormat layering, hang a floral wreath on your wrought iron door, sconce lights or wall mount lamps.



Your front porch isn’t just about the decorations, your door should also reflect your home. Pinky’s Iron Doors can bring all your dream doors to life. They provide the perfect solutions for your doors needs, from classy wrought iron doors to modern iron doors and sleek steel French doors.


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