Which Iron Doors Should You Choose for Your Arizona Home's Exterior?


There's no exaggeration that iron doors look gorgeous, elegant, and majestic. However, choosing the perfect iron door for your home according to the interiors can be daunting. Don't worry; here's how you can pick the right door that reflects your taste and personality.

What Are Your Needs

You should know what you want from your door and then make a choice. Do you want to add to the curb appeal of your home? Or do you want to change the aesthetic? If the latter, what kind of aesthetic are you going for?

Modern, minimalistic, traditional, etc., there are tons of options that you can choose from.  Go for an iron door that ticks all the right boxes for you.

Door Design Matters

Front iron doors come in many different shapes; from a flat top door to an archtop door, all these shapes can totally transform the look of your front entryway. The flat door with its clean edges and lines rings true to the modern approach, while arched iron doors with more intricate details are perfect for traditional-style homes.

Double Vs. Single Doors

According to your door's frame and the general aesthetic and space of your house, you need to choose whether you'd want a double iron door or a single one. A single door gives a more snug, homely look, while double iron doors look more majestic and grand.

Double iron doors also filter in more sunlight and give a more spacious look to your foyer.

Let's Talk About the Details

Iron doors come in many different designs that all portray a different aspect of your home. There are french iron doors that are perfect for a home that wants more sunlight and a stunning outdoor view.

French doors are more efficient but also exude a luxurious vibe. These doors are also perfect for contemporary and minimalistic homes.

On the other hand, iron doors with large glass panes are a good option that gives a more relaxed look.

Customize It to Your Liking

If any of the choices don't seem to work out for you or if you have a very specific idea about your iron door, customizing it is the way to go!

Pinky's Iron Doors offer custom iron doors and a different and wide variety of contemporary iron doors, including modern iron doors, iron french doors, wrought iron doors, etc.

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