How Do You Maintain an Iron Door?

Custom wrought iron doors are a luxurious addition to homes of every style, but you need to keep them clean and maintained to get the best use out of them! These sturdy doors are generally built to last, but your climate may have various effects on them.

If you live close to the coast, the higher level of humidity can encourage the development of rust at a faster rate. Don’t let that ruin the wonderful investment you made in your home! Here’s how you can take proper care of your iron doors, whether they be French doors, Dutch doors, or any other.

Start off with a cleanser

Get a mild cleanser and a lint-free non-abrasive cloth to start your cleaning routine. You can create your own cleanse by mixing a vegetable-based soap or liquid castile soap with some water. Dip the cloth in the soapy mixture and wipe your doors down gently—the rust will start coming off without any issues.

Rinse it off

After you’ve thoroughly wiped your iron door down with the soap and water mixture, rinse the suds off thoroughly with a hose since any remnants of soap can leave unappealing residue on the wrought iron doors.

Dry it down

Make sure you don’t leave behind any excess water on the door since it will cause even more rust to form. Hard minerals and certain chemicals that are present in tap water can damage and stain your doors, making your hard work all for naught. Use a clean and dry cloth or sponge to get every drop of moisture off of the gate once you’re done. Drying off any remaining droplets will ensure that your custom wrought iron doors remain in mint condition for the years to come.

Oil your hinges

You might have to take some additional precautions to make sure that your iron doors retain their beauty around the year. If your home is near the coast, it’s important to oil your iron door’s hinges at least once a month. Saltwater and high humidity can cause your doors to corrode without regular and proper maintenance.

Deal with more stubborn rust

If you still see remnants of rust after all of your effort, it’s time to sand it down. Take a piece of sandpaper and rub the area that’s rusted in a gentle motion to remove it all. Wash and dry as before to ensure that all of the rust has been removed.

Prevent further rusting

Invest in a rust-prevention primer paint and apply it all over the areas where your door was rusted. Ensure even strokes of your brush cover all of the exposed metal and wait for it to dry.

Once the primer has dried, the door might need some touch-ups of paint. Make sure to use matching paint colors to prevent any awkward spots.

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