Types of Exterior Doors for Your Dallas Home: Entry and Patio Doors

There’s nothing that sets Texas homes apart more than their exquisite residential design and décor. If you've lived in Texas, you'd know the state's homeowners' passion for decorating their homes' exterior. You certainly can’t have a bland and unoriginal wooden door for your Dallas home’s exterior.

So, how do you set your home apart in between such aesthetic appealing homes? Well, here's how!

Steel and Iron Doors!

This is no secret! If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your home’s bland exterior without having to break the bank, the answer is easy—you need to get steel and iron exterior doors! They can boost your home’s value and brighten up your outside space without changing up your entire home.

That’s why for this blog, we’ve rounded up some well-crafted exterior doors that will spruce up your home’s exterior.

Entry Doors

Front Doors with Scroll-Work

If you want to transform your home’s exterior with some glitz and glamour, then go for wrought iron doors with scrollwork. This grandiose entrance is fit for a king. These doors' opulent design and intricate ornate craftsmanship make for a style statement that simply can’t be replicated.

French Doors

If dramatic grandiosity is not your style, then opt for French iron doors' subtle and delicate design. This modern and sleek design adds sophistication and timelessness to your modern home. French doors are also incredibly versatile and practical. IIf you want spaciousness and plenty of sunlight, this is the right entry door for you!

Double Doors with Arched Tops

Perhaps the sleek simplicity of modern design is not what you like, then double doors with arched tops are the right fit. These iron entry doors are the perfect front door to complement the romantic elegance of contemporary homes.

Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

When deciding on doors, you have to pick either aesthetic appeal or practicality. Well, not anymore! Steel sliding doors are the perfect harmony between exquisite and sleek design, marrying practicality. These doors are sure to add chicness to your patio space, and they take the least amount of space.

French Patio Doors

The magnificent elegance of French patio doors should be the go-to choice for your home's exterior. These steel doors are simple, sleek, and stylish. Their expert craftsmanship and glass panels will make your patio look spacious and let in plenty of natural light!

The Bi-Fold

The bi-fold is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Add a timeless and classical appeal to your Dallas home with the bi-fold steel doors by Pinky's. These doors subtly elevate your home's look and make it look expansive and extravagant

Give your home’s exterior a makeover that hypnotizes every onlooker with Pinky's Iron Doors. Their top-quality wrought iron and black steel doors are nothing short of a vision. The careful craftsmanship, detailed designs, and extensive details of their iron doors will make them the perfect additions to your Dallas home.   

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