The Different Costs of Steel Front Doors

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There's something special about the entrance point of your home. You want it unique. Bold. Mesmerizing. Harmonious. Ideally, your front door should captivate your guests, pulling them into the sanctuary of your everyday dwelling.

However, you also care about strength, protection, and support.

For many, choosing a steel door to fulfill this role might seem too expensive. They're generally anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000, but numerous factors can influence the price range. With various styles, costs, and minimal maintenance, there's a steel door available for almost any homeowner.

Here, we'll review the factors influencing steel exterior doors' costs as well as the benefits that make steel doors so special and cost-effective.

PINKYS steel doors lifestyle

Steel Doors Cost Factors

The price variations might seem a bit mind-boggling when shopping for exterior steel doors. Finding one model incredibly cheap is common, only to find your favorite too expensive.

They're both steel, right? So why the big difference?

Yes, they're all steel, but there are still things that make them unique in their price ranges.

While not always evident, these prices are deeply rooted in finishes and extra materials like glass panels for design and craftsmanship. You'll need to consider all these factors as a whole. A lightweight steel door doesn't automatically imply a lower price if you consider other aspects like quality.

PINKYS steel doors lifestyle

Factor 1: Heavyweight vs. Lightweight Steel Doors

Steel is an exceptionally strong metal for crafting all kinds of durable objects and architectural elements. Because of its sheer strength and heaviness, many homeowners will choose it for their entrance.

However, not all steel doors are created equal.

You'll find both lightweight steel doors and much heavier options on the market. Since manufacturers use more steel in the latter, they'll be more expensive. There are a lot of little parameters that will influence this too. The weight of a steel door might be apparent in its thickness, insulation, and general size:

  • Lightweight steel front doors - A light front door typically weighs 60 to 70 pounds. They're often an excellent option for residential areas and hollow on the inside.

  • Heavy steel front doors - This is less common for residential homes but present with commercial buildings. They tend to be more than 100 pounds.

  • Steel door frames with glass panels - Steel doors that incorporate glass panels in their structure tend to have various weights. It all depends on if the door frame is double or not and on the thickness of the glass.

When you're choosing the right weight for your steel door, think about which benefits you prioritize. Heavier options are typically sturdier, stronger, and better insulators, giving your home security. Other lightweight models might be more budget-friendly if aesthetics is your main concern.

PINKYS steel doors lifestyle

Factor 2: Steel Front Doors and Overall Quality

Crafting a beautiful, inspiring, breathtaking steel door can be a complex process. The overall quality will play a massive role in the final price of your selection. Some companies might be cheaper but use thinner gauge steel or glass panels.

That's why PINKYS makes steel doors that are of the utmost quality. They're made to invite harmony into your home while being strong, durable, and exceptionally resistant to anything unwanted.

A steel door's overall quality depends on the composition, just like a work of art. Some of the elements include:

  • The quality and gauge of the material. The thicker the steel is, the lower the gauge it will have. A lower gauge means a heavier door and a higher price. Your steel door's gauge is a telltale sign of how durable, strong, and secure your door truly is.

  • Steel door finish. Steel doors generally won't take a large amount of time for maintenance. However, certain stains and fingerprints can appear on the door over time. The finish will reduce maintenance to a minimum.

  • The frame and hardware - When selecting a steel door, locks, handles, hinges, glass panels, and the frame are just as important as the door itself. Steel doors should also have robust frames and hardware shouldn't rattle over time. With special attention to detail, the door will be of higher quality.

While these are the most apparent quality signs, they aren't conclusive. Many steel doors boast beautiful designs and craftsmanship. In certain instances, certain manufacturers might even be willing to create doors with custom designs for clients. However, this can drastically increase the price range.

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Factor 3: Steel Door Manufacturer and Availability

There are bound to be differences in pricing, quality, and materials from different manufacturers. While one might only create low gauge steel doors, others might specialize in making frames with glass panes for residential buildings. Each company and manufacturer is different, and their approach can create price differences.

Manufacturer type also plays into the availability of your desired model. With a limited supply, particular steel doors might be more expensive than others. Varying styles and demand play a vital role too.

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Factor 4: Shipping and Handling the Steel Door

So you've spent hours on the web, looking for the adequate steel door for your home's entrance. You might have even entered a store or two before giving up. It was then you found an elegant PINKYS steel double full arch model perfect for your home's entrance.

When choosing a steel door frame online, you'll also need to factor in the shipping and handling fee, which influences the final price. The weight of your door, size, destination, and delivery method usually determines this shipping cost. Some companies will offer expedited shipping options.

While you want to look at various shipping fees from retailers, the cheaper option isn't always the best. Homeowners should opt for an entry door that is packed and shipped properly.

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Factor 5: Installing Your Steel Doors

Steel entry doors are solid and heavy. They can be quite tricky to install properly, so you'll probably need the help of a professional. Hanging a steel door often varies on your typical model and size. A commercial low gauge heavy door might need considerable equipment, while a smaller one won't.

Homeowners can expect a price range of between $150 and $1,500, while high-end installation might cost up to $3,000. It's a lengthy project, often taking up to six or seven hours.

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What Is the Average Price of Steel Doors?

Ultimately, prices will vary depending on your chosen brand or manufacturer. For example, depending on the model, a 42" x 96" single full arch door with glass panels might cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

Other larger doors, such as a double entire arch, can cost upwards of $4,000. However, it's not uncommon to find cheaper doors than this at $150-$400, although the lack of quality is a big concern here.

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What Are the Advantages of Steel Doors?

With the varying prices mentioned above, you might wonder what makes them so advantageous. For many, steel doors are the ideal mix of functionality and aesthetics. Designed with decorative elements or a smooth finish, they strengthen your home's entry and curb appeal at the same time.

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Steel Doors Are Naturally Strong

Using a steel exterior for your entry doors is advantageous because they give you strength and durability. They're especially resistant to any impact or weather conditions, making them last longer than other options.

Many homeowners might choose fiberglass doors or even wood. However, steel trumps them both as the best material for longevity.

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Steel Doors Help You Cut Energy Costs

Next to being naturally strong, a steel door also aids with energy efficiency. They often come with insulation, keeping the home cooler during the hot months and trapping heat in when it's cold outside. It's not uncommon for some homeowners to spend less on their energy bills shortly after purchasing steel front doors.

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Steel Doors Have Versatile Styles and Finishes

If aesthetics is a burning question for your home, steel doors would be the answer. They come in various styles, from smooth finishes to ornaments and embellishments. Homeowners can choose from flat tops to half and full arches for almost any doorway shape.

The availability of your favorite model will often depend on the brand and manufacturer. Choosing the right one can highly influence the style of your home, tying together otherwise disparate elements for a harmonious look. It's not uncommon for steel doors to have complex patterns on them, geometrical, curvy, or otherwise.

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Steel Front Doors Last a Long Time

Wood doors will warp and crack with age over time. But steel front doors have a combination of factors that make them a champion for longevity. The very nature of steel is resistance as we've mentioned earlier but most of these doors also come with a protective coating and finish that enhances durability. Steel can also handle extreme weather conditions and temperatures while being impervious to moisture.

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Explore Steel Door Options at PINKYS

With all these factors, choosing the perfect steel doors might seem impossible. You want something that both complements and completes your entryway while also being secure and safe.

At PINKYS, our doors are inspired by the ethereal dance of the Southern California sunset. We adhere to this aesthetic while ensuring the high quality of our builds and designs. Every PINKYS steel door is a frame to the outside world, simultaneously bringing light into the home while allowing you to peer outside.

Browse from a wide selection of doors with glass panels. Each one is inherently designed with exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched quality. PINKYS delivers the stylish aesthetic a steel door is supposed to have.


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