How Steel Door Styles Are Taking Over The Interior Design Scene In Texas

Interiors are increasingly becoming more minimalistic these days. Gone are the days of heavy oak doors, extravagant and bulky furniture, frills, and florals—interiors are now all about clean lines, smooth surfaces, and neutral colors.

And the one thing that fits right into these new interior visions is steel doors.

Steel doors are modern and minimalistic. Moreover, they’re versatile enough to blend in with any existing interior space. This is probably why a lot of homeowners are upgrading to steel interior doors. Here’s how.

Kitchens Are Being Reimagined with Steel Doors

Kitchens are typically heavily-used spaces in a house and need to be functional and attractive. Generally, kitchens are also deal-breakers for a lot of buyers, so homeowners investing in upgrades tend to focus on kitchens.

Steel doors are now becoming popular kitchen upgrades. People install them as exterior doors in the kitchen, but they’re also used as pantry doors or as entry doors to the kitchen to make the space look chicer.

Also, you can pair the steel doors with steel windows to tie the whole look together while bringing in more sunlight and fresh air!

Steel Doors Are Being Used to Transform Bedrooms

Another interior space being transformed by steel doors is bedrooms, especially the main bedroom.

In bedrooms, steel doors can be used as entry doors to create a more impressive entrance, especially if a sliding barn door style steel door is used. A simpler steel door can be used for the closet, or if you’re looking for something dreamier, you can go with some steel French doors. Either style will add a lot of character to a bedroom.

Similarly, you can install steel pivot doors for the bathroom to create a more versatile and creative personal space for yourself.

Steel Doors Are Replacing Interior Walls

Another interesting way steel doors are being used is as walls.

Modern homes are focused on creating the illusion of space. This sometimes means removing some interior walls to create more open spaces. For instance, you can do this for the family room, dining area, the kitchen, and the study. These spaces can be combined into one large area segmented by furniture and decor. But you can also divide this space using steel and glass dividers or steel bi-fold doors.

These kinds of steel doors help you save space and create some more, but they also help you make your interiors more stylish.

If you’re revamping your spaces and need steel doors to get started, our team, Pinky’s Iron Doors, can help.

We design both iron and steel doors and can make everything from French doors to sliding doors, pocket doors for your home in Texas. We also have some stunning entry doors and other exterior doors that you can check out.

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