How To Design An Industrial Style Bathroom With Modern Doors?

Industrial style interiors are all the rage these days, and we’re loving the innovative spaces people are creating in their homes with industrial-inspired elements like modern iron doors.

A lot of people are remodeling their entire homes to create industrial-style settings, right from the front door all the way down to the basement. But some others are just focused on revamping the bathrooms and the kitchen.

If you’re aiming for a similar industrial bathroom, this should help you get started on the mood board.

Start With An Iron Door For The Entrance

If you love the efficiency and natural warmth associated with organic elements like concrete, iron, glass, and steel, why leave it all inside the bathroom?

You can get started on the industrial vibe from the outside of the bathroom by installing some iron doors for the entrance. You can go with iron sliding doors built in a barn-door style or choose iron pivot doors if you’ve got the space! Or you could install pocket doors!

Add Some Steel Doors As Shower Doors

Besides the entry door, you also have to consider the shower door. While many people may prefer keeping the material and style the same for both doors, we suggest switching things up and adding another organic material into the mix—yes, we’re talking about steel shower doors!

Steel and glass shower doors will help you complete the industrial style look while making the whole space more sophisticated. You can go with steel sliding doors to save space or steel French doors for a more old-school appeal.

Complete The Look With Some Industrial Touches

Besides the iron and steel doors, you also have other elements to consider, like, for instance, the floor, walls, windows, and other fixtures.

Here are some simple add-ons industrial-inspired tips to consider:

  • Consider exposed pipes;
  • Dark metal pipes and fixtures to match the iron or steel doors;
  • A statement shower to match your black steelshower door;
  • Brick walls or terracotta or subway tiles in black grout;
  • Paint the bathroom in dark shades like dark green, gray, purple, or a dull cream color;
  • Wood or concrete floors;
  • Pendant lights;
  • Steel windows

These are some simple ideas to help you get started. We also suggest starting with the doors and windows, as that will help you tick off a large portion of the work involved in remodeling the bathroom.

If you’re not sure how to select the best iron and steel doors and steel windows, we can help.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have an amazing range of iron and steel doors, including ones you can use for your bathroom in Texas. We can make custom iron doors for you, but we also have several designs and styles available that you can choose from. From steel French doors to iron bi-fold doors, we make them all!

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