How to Add Iron Doors to Your New Property for Good Feng Shui?

Your home is supposed to be your private retreat from the hustle and bustle of your surroundings. It has to feel like an escape and a sanctuary at the same time. But the wrong type of features and improper orientation can destroy a residential property's peace and comfort.

Choosing the right way to install the right home features is essential for improving your overall comfort and ease. You need to be able to move freely across your space. There should be minimum obstructions and a well-thought layout for seamless interior harmony.


If you want to install new iron or steel interior doors to your property but aren't sure about their correct direction and orientation, we've got your back. This detailed blog will tell you all about achieving good Feng Shui for absolute peace of mind.

Furniture in Command Position

First things first, before you install a new iron or steel interior door, determine the commanding position of your room and assign furniture to it. You need to have your favorite couch, bed, or dining table in the most easily accessible and focal spot of the space. Once this is done, align the iron door right in front of the focal spot or on its right side.

This trick will help you achieve the water and earth elements of Feng Shui that directly translate into stability and inspiration.

Be Strategic with Interior Décor

Residential properties need decorative features as much as they mandate cozy interior elements. While iron and steel doors like sliding, pivot, barn, passage, patio, and pocket doors do the main part of this job, you need to make an extra effort to level up your home interior game.


Wall décor, planters, coffee tables, lamps, and other decorative home interior elements should never be positioned in a spot where your mobility may get obstructed. They should be arranged to keep in mind fluidity and open floor layouts.

You can opt for our best-selling bi-fold accordion iron doors or French steel doors that do an excellent job at minimizing interior clutter and replacing wall space with glass panels.

Minimize Sharp Décor Elements

Lastly, for maximum Feng Shui benefits, you should omit and remove all sorts of sharp décor elements. Moreover, do not overpower your space with indoor plants as they can throw the balance off and can make your space very cluttered. The key to good Feng Shui is balance.

Mix and match lightweight furniture, modern iron or steel doors, and pastel-hued walls to create an ultra-modern yet comforting indoor environment inside your home.

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