Mistakes To Avoid When Picking Iron Entry Doors For Your Nevada Home

One of the biggest design and aesthetic choices that you’ll ever make regarding your Nevada home’s exterior consists of your front door. Usually overlooked or considered an afterthought by many homeowners, a good front door should elevate your home’s aesthetics, functionality, and weatherproofing capabilities.

Doors go all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, where wooden slabs were hinged across doorways. One of the most renowned historical doors consists of carved olive wood in King Solomon’s Temple. Front doors have been adapted and designed to fit the time period’s purpose and aesthetic.

The door in St. Peter’s Basilica has a bronze cast with multiple references to the bible, while the entrance to Notre Dame has carvings of judged souls. While your front door doesn’t have to be so symbolic or grand, it’s important to put some extra attention and care into this essential focal point for your home.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when picking their iron entry door in Nevada:

Picking the wrong kind of door

One common mistake that many restorers or homeowners make is picking the wrong type of door. Different doors are made in different ways and don’t always have the same purpose. Interior doors are manufactured as being much thinner and lighter compared to exterior doors; that’s why they cost less too. Interior doors can also be made with many different materials such as metal, glass, or wood, but exterior doors need special materials and treatment to withstand the elements.

Interior doors might have double panels such as French doors, but they’re usually a single door construction. Exterior doors are usually customized according to the home and tend to be double doors. They also have a stronger frame with a more solid core and are treated to be able to withstand moisture. You can install exterior doors inside, but interior doors would not do well outside.

Letting the price decide everything

Many people tend to pick their front door based solely on the cost. All exterior doors are different—some might be more aesthetic, while others provide more protection or value. Installing a cheap front door might increase your costs in the long run because of your increased energy bills. Since they’re made using cost-effective materials, they’re much easier to break down as well.


While it may be pricier to purchase an expensive door up front, you can save a lot of money on repairs and electricity bills over time.

Forgetting about door maintenance

A lot of people don’t know that doors need regular maintenance to be able to enjoy a long life. It’s important to sand down the old paint and repaint your iron front door every 2-5 years according to the level of exposure your door gets.

You should also dust your door down once a week and clean it with some mild vegetable-based soap once a month. Make sure to dry it down with a clean cloth at the end to prevent damage.

Deviating from the rest of the home’s design

Iron front doors are available in so many sizes, designs, colors, and with different functions and fixtures. When you’re installing your front door, you’re making a big aesthetic choice that can either elevate your home’s beauty or make it look disorganized. You need to consider your home’s architecture and other design elements to match your front door with it and get a cohesive look.

Getting a Mediterranean style iron front door in a modern home will make it look out of place and will confuse any visitors who enter your home to find a completely different aesthetic on the inside.

Picking the wrong hardware

The right door hardware can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. Different entryway handles have their own purposes when it comes to functionality and daily lifestyle. Door levers are great options for people who have a harder time holding onto a knob or handle, while a gorgeous door knocker on your iron door can give a unique and sophisticated vibe to your home.


Avoiding door lites and sidelites

When people are replacing their front doors, they tend to stay away from side lites and door lites because of the overwhelming number of options, fits, styles, colors, and purposes. A door lite is the glass paneling on the inside, while side lites are placed on the sides of the door.

Some homes might even have faux lites, which can reduce costs and get swapped out easily. However, real lites are much better for home value. Site lites can invite extra natural light into your entryway to brighten it up and make it feel much cozier and more welcoming. Natural lighting is also perfect for making a room look more aesthetically appealing, and the bright light shining through your doorway is sure to lighten up your mood every day.

Not understanding warranties

Almost every exterior door has a warranty that comes with the installation company or manufacturer. This tells you that your manufacturer of choice is confident in their products and that you can have faith in their quality. Different door materials usually have different kinds of warranties, which can also depend on your climate.

Make sure that you ask your manufacturer about the warranty in detail!

Choosing the wrong color of paint

Many homeowners want their front door to stand out as their home’s focal point, but it’s important to complement the color scheme that you already have! Bright hues that make a bold statement can look gorgeous if paired with neutral walls, but traditional shades or monochrome color pallets can look really classy and sophisticated.

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