8 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Calm, Serene Space

Homes are so much more than spaces where we stay in. They influence our moods, feelings, and thoughts.

After a long, stressful day, there’s nothing like coming back to a space that feels warm and welcoming.

A home embraces you when you’re feeling the blues or tired, or when you feel light and joyous, and has your back, no matter what.

You can give your space this comforting, homey feel and turn it into a zen-like area by cultivating peaceful elements throughout it.

This way, on your happy days and sad days, your home will be there for you.

Here are a few ways you can give your home a tranquil and soothing vibe:

Use the Right Colors for a Calming Effect

Color is more important than we realize: it has an emotional charge. Sometimes we like and dislike things because different shades have different psychological impacts on us.

This doesn’t mean you should stick to hues of blue when going for a calm vibe. Calm looks different to everyone. Think about what it is for you and take inspiration from that.

Generally, lighter colors have a more calming impact on us. They feel lighter and airier. If that’s what you want, then stick to neutrals, blues, and whites.

Dark shades, on the other hand, can provide a different level of comfort to us. Take mint or blush, these shades are rejuvenating and warm at the same time.

Clean Your Surfaces Everyday

If you want a calm space, clutter needs to go. Every time your eyes land on a pile of laundry or a huge stack of papers, your mind will keep thinking about it.

Clear out any surfaces that are hoarding unnecessary things and keep your home neat and tidy. When you’ll be around a decluttered, clean home, you’ll automatically stay focused and feel recharged.

Get Organized

Getting organized involves decluttering your home. Go through every drawer, cupboard, and room and whittle down everything to the basics. You may be attached to things that aren’t serving your home or you, so part ways with them. Only keep belongings that you hold a connection to. You’ll see how drastically it changes your space and how calmer you feel by the simple act of decluttering and organization.

Incorporate the Five Main Elements into Your Home

A simple way to bring a zen-like calmness to your space is by incorporating nature’s elements into it. Add something that represents water (flowers in a water bowl, images of water, water-themed art), earth (plants and stones), wood (furniture or décor), fire (fireplace, candles), and metal (furniture or décor).

Keep the Floors Clear

Having clean floors is a must too. If things pile up on your floor, your attention will always be there. Keep your floors clean, fresh, and dust-free for a pleasant space. For a more minimalistic approach, only choose hanging décor, sliding doors, huge steel windows, and wall lights.

Soften Your Lighting

Natural light has a special space in interior design. To turn up the serenity of your home, incorporate ways to bring in the sunlight. You can do this by choosing iron doors and windows which feature huge panes of glass to let in an abundance of light, nature, and spaciousness.

Other than that, you can light candles, install dimmers, and use warm light bulbs and lamps for a softer glowy feel.

Choose Natural Scents

Homes that smell amazing and make you relax always smell great. You can create a calming atmosphere in your home by swapping artificial fragrances with natural scents like essential oils, beeswax candles, fresh garden flowers, and natural cleaning products.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Bringing nature into space is a sure way of turning up the calmness of your home. It makes us feel more in touch with ourselves and grounds us.

There are many ways to bring the outdoors in. You can hang nature photography around your home or use décor pieces that add natural touches like materials made out of marble, stone, wood, rattan, bamboo, or grass cloth.

For a natural feel, you can also put some indoor plants into your space like aloe vera, snake plant, or other succulents.

That’s not all though. If you really want to connect with nature and turn your home into a serene, nature-filled space, consider installing steel doors and windows in your home. This is a sure-fire way to bring the outdoors inside, especially in areas like the living room and the bedroom.

Installing large French doors instead of windows will have quite an impact, especially with their neo-modern vibe and a traditional feel. If you want something more minimalistic and contemporary, then the spaciousness of bi-folds will turn your space around. With their single pane of glass, your space will be lit up with light and show the scenic views outside your home without any hurdle.

Here are some other steel door options that’ll help make your space calmer and greener:

Getty — Double Flat Steel Door

Getty — Double Flat steel door is a modern marvel. Install it as an interior door or a patio door and let it bring the outdoors inside.

Air 4 — Sidelights Double Flat Top

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Dutch Steel Doors

If you’re short on space but need a beautiful door for your home office, living room, patio, or entrance, then Dutch steel doors will do the job right. With their classic appeal and glass panes, these timeless Dutch doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors will give your Wyoming home a very homey vibe.

Air Lite Interior Barn Door

Spruce up your space with minimalistic and truly luxurious Pinky’s barn doors. They’ll give your space a warm feeling and a zen-like entrance that you’re after.

Pinky’s Iron Doors

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