How Iron And Steel Doors Improve The Curbside Appeal Of Your Garden City House In New York

New York is a city as diverse as its residents with a multitude of neighborhoods. It has green communities with low-rise and detached homes, rows of block houses, tall apartment buildings, a mixed residential district with corporate buildings, etc. It has a little bit of everything.

And due to the surging housing demands, measures are being taken to create more affordable housing for people. If you’re investing in your forever Garden City home in New York. We’ve prepared a guide for you about how to put your stamp on the home and improve the curb appeal on the exterior.

Here are some of our top picks for iron doors and steel doors that can elevate the exterior aesthetic of your Garden City house in New York:

French Patio Doors For A Bougie Upgrade

If you’re someone who likes to curl up and catch up on some reading, these iron doors, and steel doors will be perfect for you. French patio doors give an elegant and expensive touch to a home for an affordable price. They have a sleek black frame with large glass panels that allow natural sunlight to pour through your New York home through all hours of the day.

Bi-fold accordion iron door with floor-to-ceiling glass panels

Also, the floor-to-ceiling glass panels make a better alternative to installing a whole wall of windows. You’ll be able to see the views from your front yard and relax in the evening hours at the entrance with some nice breeze and a cup of coffee. These patio steel doors or iron doors will also become a statement piece for the New York home exterior and increase your curbside appeal.

Bi-Fold Accordion Iron Doors For Modern Aesthetic

Another way you can upgrade your New York home’s curbside appeal is through these elegant bi-fold accordion iron doors. The Bi-fold accordion iron door also has a sleek design fitted with classic clear glass fixtures that allow natural light to illuminate the interior décor. It also adds a modern and contemporary aesthetic to your Garden City home in New York

You can open the doors during the day and enjoy the fresh summer breezes. Your home will also be naturally illuminated with sunlight pouring through floor-to-ceiling glass panels in the iron door.

dual steel doors with fixed middle panel

Dual Single Steel Doors With A Middle Fixed Panel

These doors also have an incredibly elegant curbside appeal. These are great for open patios and backyards. If you’ve got a large front yard in your Garden City home in New York, these dual single steel doors with middle fixed panels can create a beautiful aesthetic against the house exterior. The two single doors will allow easy movement in and out of the house while the middle fixed panel can act as a large floor-to-ceiling window in your living area.

These steel doors are also fitted with clear glass panels, when closed can act as a large window in the front of your house. And at night, the glow from your living space or hallway can add a soft glow that can be seen from far away, adding an immense curb appeal.

Double Full-Arch Door For A Side Room

If you’ve got a room for which you want to create a side entrance, then these double full-arch steel doors are an excellent option for improving curbside appeal. The sleek black frame is curved at the top and fitted with small glass panels. You’ll be able to enjoy a floor-to-ceiling view from the front yard and get natural light to stream into the side room throughout the day.

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind is to install heavy-duty locks to secure the side room along with your main entrance. You can look into different decorative and secure door handles for safety.

 dual steel doors with a top arch and glass panels

Double Steel Doors With Sidelight For An Elegant Curb

Sidelights with steel doors are such an exciting feature you can install to improve the curb appeal of your Garden City house in New York. These steel doors with sidelights are often measured to fit near the ceiling to provide unobstructed views from the glass panels. Also, the sidelights along with the clear steel doors naturally flood the house with sunlight throughout the day, making the house feel expansive and welcoming.

These steel doors also provide easy movement in the house as they’re large enough to move in and out of any furniture and high enough so even a tall guest can comfortably enter the home.

Dutch Steel Doors For A Contemporary Aesthetic

Dutch Steel Doors are known for their half-open and half-closed feature that make them an elegant option for curbside appeal. You can use them as entrance doors and side entrance doors as well. In, Dutch Steel doors the top and the bottom panel can be moved separately. You can partially close the bottom panel like a door and open the top panel like a window to let some fresh air and sunlight into the home.

This unique aesthetic makes them a must-have door in many modern and contemporary homes in New York.

Find Affordable Steel Doors And Iron Doors For Your Garden City Home In New York

Now that you know how you can improve the curbside appeal of your Garden City home in New York, check out the iron doors and steel doors at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We have something for everyone in our door collection.

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