How to Match the Exterior to the Interior of Your Springfield Home

Springfield offers a dense suburban feel, but that doesn't mean all houses need to look the same. Add personal touches and make the place truly your own. But remember, it's not just picking an iron door for the entry space or some plants for the garden. Don't forget to match the exterior to the interior of your home for a house that keeps everyone oohing and aahing at it.

Match Doors to Home's Style

Have you seen a very traditional house with a modern French door? Or a modern home with a traditional decorative iron door. The chances of that are very slim, and there's a reason for that. It just doesn't look right. Whether it's the interior or the exterior, the doors should match the home's style. Whether you have an old brick-style home or a very modern house, visualize what will look best and then pick iron doors, steel doors, etc., accordingly.

Iron Doors and Iron Windows

Have a unique sense of style that doesn't fit the home decor and can't hire an interior designer to fix it for you? Play it safe! You can go with iron doors and iron windows as a safe option. Iron doors fit several aesthetics, and even the most eclectic styles can find a design that they'll follow in love with. Want a Mediterranean aesthetic? Try the Air 4 - Double Mini Arch or the Air 4 - Double Full Arch. If you want a more modern look, go for a French door like the Air 4 - Dual Single with Middle Fixed Panel Flat or the Air 4 – Single Flat.

Have a Cohesive Theme

A lot of people work a lot harder on the exterior than they do on the interior since the exterior is the first thing people will see. However, you'll spend most of your time inside the house rather than looking at it from the outside. Make sure your interior iron doors are just as amazing as your exterior doors, and the theme flows from the outside in. Interior steel or iron doors like the Air 4 Interior - Barn Door, Air 4 Interior - Double Full Arch, etc., will give a unique touch to the interior for a memorable look. To create a cohesive theme, take advantage of the colors as well, and even if you pick contrasting ones for the interior and exterior, ensure that they complement each other.

Don't Forget the Hardware

The little things matter, so don't forget the hardware. It's not uncommon to have more than one exterior or interior design preference. Door handles are an important part of the whole package. There are also multiple designs to choose from, which will give your door a personality. Go with hardware like the Weslock door handle with an Airy Addy with Lever. You can also go for the round knob or the Philtower passage handle. Or pick something like a privacy handle for a more contemporary look.

Play Around with Glass Panels

Iron doors with glass panels are in, and they're not going away anytime soon. The clean lines and minimalist feel have made a unique statement for many homes with a contemporary and timeless exterior. However, their usage is not limited to exterior doors; they can also be used as interior doors. They work great as kitchen doors, for a wine fridge, etc., and you can use them as bedroom doors too; just replace the clear glass with frosted glass panels for some privacy. French iron doors are the best choice for the minimalist look with wide glass panels. You can add the Air 4 - Bi-Fold or Air 4 - Double Flat as an exterior door, while the Air 4 - Single Flat or Air 5 - Single Mini Arch will look great on the interior.

Think About Accents

There's always that one thing in your house that'll be your favorite. It can be textured walls, decorative iron doors, light fixtures, etc. Once you're done with your color and theme, it's time to use the accents in your home to emphasize your favorite thing about your home. It's easy to achieve if you know how to add accents to it correctly. For example, if you have intricate moldings, European-inspired shutters, or elaborate iron doors, use a color for contrast (of course, that should be in line with the color palette of your home). You can also use the accents in your interior to create a smooth flow. Make sure the exterior and interior accent pieces are the same colors.

Take Inspiration from Landscaping

A home's exterior can look very different depending on the landscaping. It has a significant impact on what the house looks like and its curb appeal. Many people will make sure to match the two, but it also correlates with the interior. Iron doors already look amazing next to a pop of color, which can come from plants and flowers. If you have a flower garden outside next to any steel door or iron door, try a floral décor inside as well. Use paintings, indoor plants, etc., and go with bright colors if you have a black iron or steel door. It's an easy way to change up the look with the seasons too!

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