Benefits of Custom Iron Doors for Chicago Homeowners

There are countless ways to improve the value and elegance of your Chicago, IL, home. You can paint the walls and trim the yard, but consider going a different route and installing artisan doors in your household.

But not just any door will do - you only want custom iron doors. Homeowners can reap tremendous benefits from them due to their breathtaking look, next-level build quality, and exceptional versatility.

PINKYS Iron Doors Black Pantry Door Glass with Black Iron Frame

This article will list the reasons you should add iron doors to your Chicago house.

Custom Iron Doors - Chicago Homes Taken to a Whole New Level

Making your home stand out is all about custom design solutions. What better way to create a unique appearance than to mount a customized iron door to your abode? Here are the reasons you should install these doors on your property:

Reason #1 - Customization Creates an Eye-catching Design

Your home might look fantastic but also blend in with the rest of your neighborhood. Moreover, Chicago homeowner's associations may require you to have the same or similar roof as other houses. Still, this doesn't mean you shouldn't tap into your creativity when designing different parts of your home.

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Iron doors are much more secure than traditional ones. They're hard to break, they usually come with extra features such as locks and other accessories, and they can be installed

That's precisely what custom iron doors can do. For example, tailor-made forged iron doors enable you to stand out. Chances are, most other properties have wood doors that look alike. However, installing a custom new door manufactured of iron makes your abode distinct.

That's especially true if you purchase wrought iron doors from a reliable company. Many organizations make doors in Chicago, but PINKYS is head and shoulders above the competition. Even though we're located in Southern California, we can send your custom doors to the Chicagoland area without a hitch. Our artisan collection truly makes a difference.

Reason #2 - Creating the Perfect Door to Realize Your Vision

Standard doors are, well, standard. Generic interior or exterior doors have similar paint and pretty much the same accessories. That's why they're often inadequate when you want to revamp your home with a unique point of interest.

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This is where custom wrought iron products come in. You can ask your door company to include breathtaking embellishments according to your taste. There are no limits - whatever comes to mind, you can implement with a custom iron door.

The result is spectacular. Your Chicago dwelling gets a premium residential door that adds new dimensions to your property.

Reason #3 - You're in Control of Your Budget

The price is a key consideration that dictates your decision when looking for a stylish door. Cost is essential, as you don't want a cheap model that lasts only a few years. On the other hand, you don't want to dent your budget by allowing your door company to include just about any feature to bump up the cost.

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None of this is an issue with custom wrought iron doors and other types of custom doors. For instance, PINKY leaves the entire selection process to you. Here are some of the features we allow you to customize when purchasing your security doors or new iron doors for your porch:

  • Color - Choose from a wide array of sophisticated colors to create a complete visual experience. Whether you want black or white doors in your home near Chicago Bay or Lake Michigan, you'll get an elegant solution that works well with the rest of your house.
  • Size - PINKYS provides custom iron doors of different sizes, understanding that not every Chicago property is the same. You can choose the right door to fill the void left by the previous unit, so there's no risk of compatibility issues with your installation.
  • Swing - The swing is just as important as other customization features. PINKYS gives you the choice of a left-swinging or right-swinging iron door. This way, we ensure you can open and close your high-quality door without obstructions.
  • Jamb - Most of our modern doors come with a 6-inch jamb to provide the ultimate support for your door. It lets the iron door move freely, allowing you to use the model smoothly. Contact us to learn more about available jamb solutions.

Reason #4 - Superior Architecture

PINKYS Iron Doors Interior Door with Glass Transoms and Sidelights

Durability is a critical door feature. Generic models typically have poor-quality hardware and frames that can break after moderate impact. Moreover, they're prone to combustion and tend to start squeaking a few months after the installation.

A great way to prevent this is to partner with a team that produces custom iron doors, such as PINKYS. You can expect these durable products to last a lifetime, eliminating the need to replace your Chicago door.

The reason is simple - we utilize the same craftsmanship for each door to deliver the finest doors for your Chicago household. Our products are manufactured from wrought iron, so you don't need to worry about structural damage. Every part, including the hinges, latches, frames, and knobs, is solid.

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Furthermore, custom wrought iron products are a perfect option because we utilize galvanized coatings for each project. This gives you peace of mind, knowing the door installed won't fall victim to corrosion.

Reason #5 - Custom Wrought Iron Doors Have Unmatched Energy Efficiency

Many people believe that you can only increase your home's energy efficiency by buying brand-new appliances. This certainly helps, but there are other ways to reduce your electricity consumption. One of them is to install custom wrought iron doors.

A tailor-made custom door is designed to fit your home perfectly. You can use it as the main entrance or install it in individual rooms. Either way, the door has top-shelf sealing that adheres to the surrounding structures and prevents air from escaping. It also keeps outside air from entering your Chicago abode.

What's the effect of adding these doors? The most important one might be that your property becomes more energy efficient. You need less electricity to create pleasant indoor temperatures, which is crucial for any home.

Reason #6 - A Custom Iron Door Enhances Security

PINKYS Iron Door Interior Double Doors With Glass Panel and PINKYS Locks

You can mount all sorts of doors in Chicago to boost your security. What sets individual models apart is their ability to withstand impact.

A custom wrought iron door is the highest-quality option here. As previously indicated, this material has tough railings, hinges, and other components that can endure a heavy impact.

The outside construction isn't the only thing that makes these doors so durable. The doors also feature unparalleled window glass quality.

For instance, PINKY can incorporate frosted glass into your door, which is much stronger than standard glass. It makes the unit less susceptible to breakage, while the ethereal, slightly blurry texture keeps prying eyes from inspecting the place.

Best Custom Iron Door Ideas

PINKYS Iron Door Kitchen Interior Glass Panel Pantry Door

Although you're looking for custom doors, it's good to have a sense of direction when choosing your model. The most popular wrought iron door styles should provide some inspiration:

Modern Wrought Iron Door

Minimalism is a popular design approach preferred by many. If you're a minimalist, too, a modern style might be the right fit for your property.

Contemporary wrought iron doors are characterized by their subtle yet effective lines that emphasize the intrinsic beauty of the door. They also normally feature frosted or Low-E glass to optimize energy efficiency and add a touch of mystery to your entry.

Classic French Door

Some door styles never go out of style. French doors are among these enduring solutions.

PINKYS Iron Doors Getty French Doors Black with Glass Panels

They particularly go well with black paint, imparting otherworldly elegance to your lovely dwelling. They also deliver extraordinary build quality, featuring resilient window glass and efficient installation.

Additionally, the railings are especially notable on French iron doors. They might appear flimsy due to their narrow design, but there's more to them than meets the eye. These units have high durability to help ensure reliable operation and extend the lifespan of the door.

European Iron Door

European steel doors are fairly common. Iron doors in this style are just as common, if not more prevalent, than their steel counterparts.

There are several distinguishing features of these doors. Primarily, they have curved, intertwined ornaments that form unique shapes. They create stunning patterns that draw the eye and impress guests.

Another great thing about these doors is that the ornaments protect the glass. This makes the entire system practically impervious to shattering. Cleaning the glass is a little tricky, but you'll rarely need to because it's hard to reach it in the first place.

Farmhouse Iron Door

On the other side of the spectrum lies the farmhouse style. It's a simple solution that's free from all the ornaments you commonly find in European models. Instead, you get a basic frame with easily accessible glass for straightforward maintenance. These models are usually more affordable, be they iron or steel doors.

Mediterranean Iron Door

You're a long way from the Mediterranean, but this doesn't mean you can't draw on door design options from more exotic locales. Mediterranean iron doors are highly popular due to their sophisticated looks and ornaments. You can integrate artistic shapes all over the glass to create a one-of-a-kind entry.

Flower shapes also complement Mediterranean iron doors. Roses, lilies, tulips, and orchids are just some of the species you'll recognize in the captivating patterns.

Abstract Iron Door

Abstract doors are best known for their intriguing shapes. They combine a myriad of patterns to take your entryway architecture to a whole new level. From rectangles and hexagons to circles and triangles, you can find all sorts of shapes to stir the imagination.

How to Choose Your Custom Wrought Iron Door

A custom wrought iron door is normally a large investment. You want to ensure you get the right product the first time around. Here are a few tips to help you select the right model:

  • Analyze the rest of your house - What's your property's decor? If it's a rustic building, your door should replicate this design. Likewise, contemporary facades and roofs synchronize well with modern custom doors.
  • Determine the right size - The dimensions for standard wrought iron doors are 80 inches by 36 inches. You may need to go higher or lower, depending on where you want to mount the door and surrounding areas. Consult PINKYS before your purchase to determine the right length and width of your door.
  • Pick a suitable color - You want your door to stand out but don't want it to clash with other parts of your house. Pick something that works well with the porch, facade, roof, and the rest of the place. Black and white are usually the safest options.

What Makes PINKYS the Industry Leader in Custom Iron Doors?

You'll hardly find better open and exit devices than custom iron doors. They increase the curb appeal of your property, enhance security, and help you save money on your installation.

PINKYS Iron Doors Modern Kitchen Interior Pantry Doors

However, where should you buy your custom wrought iron doors? There are countless manufacturers of new iron doors in Chicago and the rest of the country. This should make the search easier, but you shouldn't work with just about any iron door producer.

PINKYS is by far your best option. Here's why we're the top purveyor of high-quality custom iron doors in the nation:

  • Experience - With nearly five decades of experience in the door industry, we know exactly what it takes to produce phenomenal custom iron doors.
  • Handing over the reins to you - We let you decide what the end result looks like. You can experiment with different sizes, weights, colors, and finishes.
  • Nationwide shipping - We're a Southern California-based business, but we can ship custom iron doors to your Chicago place or anywhere else in the country.
  • Various materials - Iron isn't the only material we use for custom doors. You can also order top-rated steel doors.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Your Custom Door

If you're ready to revamp your place with a breathtaking custom iron door, reach out to PINKYS for a free estimate. Let us guide you to your new door and ensure a seamless installation.

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