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Get high-quality steel and iron doors and windows for your home in Kansas!

Kansas is a landlocked state home to numerous Native American tribes and Euro-American settlements for many years. It is renowned as one of the most productive states when it comes to agriculture. This large state has moved from a modern style of architecture—large and boxy structures—to postmodern, featuring an amalgamation of different styles borrowed from various points in history.

You can find hints of Victorian styles that focus on beauty over functionality, with eyebrow windows and intricate iron front doors, or Greek Revival homes in the suburbs featuring tall and symmetrical windows made out of more modern steel and glass panes. Another popular style that you’ll find in Kansas is Ranch homes, incorporating a less formal lifestyle through free-flowing floor plans and factory-style metal doors.

Steel Doors Kansas

No matter what city or neighborhood you live in, your unique home can only get better with premier quality wrought iron doors and steel doors!

Pinky’s Iron Doors is delivering top-notch entry doors and interior doors all around Kansas!

Are you a new homeowner and are looking for ways to redesign your new home? Maybe you simply aim to change things up and want to give your home a major makeover! One of the best ways to change your home’s aesthetic and introduce a new design element is by getting wrought iron and steel doors such as interior steel pocket doors, factory-style metal interior doors, or even metal room dividers with glass!

One of the first things that people notice when they visit your home is the front door, and the interior doors pull everything further together to create a comprehensive aesthetic. Make a great first impression on your visitors and give them a taste of your home’s ambiance through the front door’s design, material, style, and texture.

Steel and iron doors provide the perfect sleek and sophisticated first impression for your home! These durable and low-maintenance doors have numerous benefits. Here’s why you should invest in Pinky’s iron doors for your home!

Boost your curb appeal

When you think of wrought iron doors, you think of beauty and elegance. There’s an undeniable addition to your curb appeal when you install an iron front door. You can find many different patterns and styles to match your home’s design—from simple and elegant to posh and dramatic; iron is a versatile material that can work with a wide variety of patterns. You can also get custom designs if you want something that’s completely unique to your home! Our creative designers never run out of ideas.

Most of our doors are available in black or oil-rubbed bronze, but we can also provide custom color options according to your needs! From heavy bronze options to modern silver pewter, we’ve got the most beautiful colors to match your home’s iron door décor.

Increased size variability

If your home has doors that have unusual sizes, it might be challenging to find a replacement. However, we can make custom-designed wrought iron doors according to your specifications and requirements, so you’ll never have to worry about sizing issues again! Instead of remodeling your entryway so that it can fit some standard door, isn’t it much better to invest in a unique door that makes the best of the space you have available?

Add property value

Let’s be honest—our homes are a long-term investment. One of the best ways to add value to your precious investment is to invest in some gorgeous iron doors! Iron doors don’t wear out as fast as some other materials, so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon if you take proper care of them! Buyers are often impressed by small details like this in a home, so you know you’ll get your money’s worth if you go to sell your house.

Save money

While iron and steel doors are a bit more costly than other materials, they’re a good investment that will help you save your money in the long run. Our wrought iron doors won’t need to be replaced anytime soon, and you’ll barely face any repair costs if you give your doors the maintenance they deserve. So, while iron might seem more costly in the present, it’ll help you prevent incurring any costs in the future! It’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

Let some light in

One of the most important aspects of the visuals of a modern home is the light. If you want to maintain your security without having to sacrifice the inflow of light in your home, an iron or steel front door is your best bet. While you can also add our steel casement and fixed windows with fine closing options to get some more light into your home, sometimes, you just can’t help but want more.

We have a wide variety of glass options! Whether you want to show off your home through our clear Low-E option, or maintain some privacy with our frost glass or distortion glass, we’ve got you covered. You can choose the best glass that fits your style requirements and grade of privacy for any door in the house—from steel front entry door to rear iron patio French doors.

Do you have some extra space above or beside your iron door? You can invite in even more light with the help of our metal transoms and sidelights with glass! Add some additional character and enjoy the many benefits of natural lighting in your home with some gorgeous iron transoms. They’re great for adding some extra height to your front door, as well as some additional curb appeal! We’ve got a wide variety of both stock and custom wrought iron transom options with both Mediterranean and modern metal designs.

Choose the strength

Iron doors usually come in many different thicknesses—the thicker it is, the stronger it gets. You can choose the level of strength that you want for your home, depending on your design preferences and security concerns. Iron doors are measured using gauges, and a majority of our wrought iron doors are made using 12-gauge material—far above the industry standard.

Our doors are 2” thick and incorporate a steel threshold, as well as bullet hinges and grease fittings that are welded onto the frame. These energy-efficient doors make use of 5/8” tempered dual pane operable glass, which will help you reduce air leakage and heat, which is perfect for a cold-weather state like Kansas.

Our thermally broken cold weather doors also make use of Polyurethane dual foam weather stripping inside the frame, which helps reduce the transfer of heat. Our beautiful Dutch doors, French doors, and pocket doors will be the perfect addition to your home.

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