How to Fill Your Missouri Home Office With Cozy Touches Using Pocket Doors

A room with a set of white chairs, a wooden desk, and black steel doors.

Now that working from home is the new normal, several Missouri homeowners are making use of their home’s dynamic architecture to convert their home offices into sweet cozy retreats.

Whether you’re living in a petite pied-à-terre or a grand behemoth of a house, setting up a proper work environment is super important to get any actual work done.

With gold-clad chandeliers, fresh coats of paint, antique furnishings, and Victorian-era-inspired pocket doors, your home office will become a cozy oasis that is an escapist’s dream.

If you’re looking for some ideas to spruce up your home office this spring, we’ve rounded up some creative ideas that you would love to explore.

Re-imagining Minimalism with Soft Pops of Color

Where it seemed like the mélange of vibrant bursts of colors went out of style, several interior décor magazines are re-inventing minimalism by incorporating it with a fresh and contemporary interior palette.

Missouri homeowners love a vivid and dynamic addition to their interior décor, and what’s better than combining minimalism with the visually dynamic bursts of colors?

Whether you’re converting your home office into a dreamy sanctuary or re-glamming it to boost productivity, we recommend adding a strictly neutral palette consisting of beiges, whites, and grays. A strictly white color palette also looks invigorating but don’t forget to strategically place accent walls and textiles in colors like terracotta orange, brick red, sweet lavender, or exuberant green.

A simple way to accentuate your innovative décor is adding lighting. Install sconces and floor lamps to keep you focused and alert when you’re working.

For an added touch of dimension, install contemporary pocket doors that maximize room space and look twice as compelling when paired with your minimal décor.

A room interior with black marbled accent walls and brown furnishings.

Soothing Meditation Corner

One of the best things about working from home is having the freedom to decorate it the way you want to.

If you’re a fan of all things Zen, why not convert your home office into a soothing meditation corner? Having a sense of calmness is just as important during work to improve your focus and productivity.

Install large steel French windows in your home office to have a scenic view of the outside world. Large windows will also fill your office space with a lot of natural light, giving you the chance to fill it with your favorite plants. We suggest small echeveria chartreuse rosettes or peace lilies for a refreshing touch.

Antique wooden bookshelves, marquetry furnishings, Persian rugs, and stunning pocket doors will come together beautifully and make your office space spark with joy.

A chic room interior with white walls and a black steel door.

Sleek and Unique Bright Spaces

Filling your home office with too much clutter can feel overwhelming. This is why keeping things simple with breathable accessories, a desk, a chair, and minimal décor can rid your room of any bleakness.

Bathe your office room in unparalleled tranquility by installing stunning light fixtures, a crisp neutral palette, sucupira-wooden desks, and modern pocket doors.

You can also accessorize with sheepskin cushions, dramatic art pieces, antique motifs, and pastel-colored accents. Whether you opt for gold schemes and carvings or prefer neutral-toned textiles, the key to striking harmony is balancing out variegated textures with the theme of your interior décor.


A Highly-Functional Monochromatic Office Space

If you’re tired of boring old walls in your office and don’t want to create a typical gallery with art pieces, why not add in a unique tapestry?

Tapestries, mahogany desks, and sophisticated lighting are luxurious combinations with an undeniable aesthetic appeal. This unconventional style of décor looks best when you’re working with rich colors and decking it with light fixtures that emanate a warm glow.

If you’re interested in a bigger renovation, we recommend pairing your dreamy makeover with pocket doors to make a statement. Pocket doors that come with a blend of glass add contemporary bliss and a touch of sophistication, especially when paired with a unique tapestry in your office.

Tones of Decadent Blue

Blue is the warmest color – it’s true. From dainty Tiffany boxes to the placid view of the sea, blue is a color of all things well-loved.

For a classical and lovely blue-toned office, all you need is to paint your walls the color of the sky.

Blue tones evoke a sense of purity, unadulterated joy, and intuition. If you prefer your workspace to have a touch of sophistication, royal navy blue walls, vintage throw pillows, white armchairs, and customized pocket doors will give your office an instant regal feel.

But if you prefer to have a dramatic effect with your interior décor, a pale robin’s egg blue on the walls, tartan blue upholstered accents, high-gloss black fireplace, oak or marble floors, and black steel pocket doors will reflect your personality perfectly.

Room entrance with a potted plant,a  blue accent wall, and a black steel door.

Strikingly Bold and Moody

Adding bold colors such as black and burgundy in interior décor is a scene-stealer. Now is the time to express that divine feminine energy using a rich color palette combined with natural materials to give your office an instant face-lift.

Plush velvet chairs, alabaster lamps, woven rugs with a geometric print, and textured bric-a-brac on an airy bookcase look unequivocally sophisticated for any home office.

Mid-century style furnishings with arched backs and grand curves also look perfect when combined with artisan-crafted throw pillows, a wooden desk with a bleached finish, and chic pocket doors that are a no-brainer for giving your office room a polished upgrade.

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