Steel Doors for Your Oregon Home: A Zodiac Sign Guide

Did you know in ancient times, sailors used to look up at the stars in the hope of guidance while they felt like they were stranded at sea. The stars and constellations have been guiding people for centuries. If you aren’t sure of how to give your home interior an instant re-glam, why not study the stars for some ancient insight?

Each of the twelve Zodiac signs has a personality and style. This is why we’ve rounded up some creative interior décor ideas for your Oregon home featuring stunning steel and iron doors!

Read ahead to find your favorite décor according to your sun, moon, or rising sign.

Aquarius – the Water-Bearer with an Eclectic Magic

Being one of the Air signs, Aquarians are artistic, Parisian loving, elegant, and attentive to detail.

For an Aquarius-themed décor, opt for modern steel and iron doors, bare hardwood floors, a curated gallery wall displaying your favorite exuberant artwork, and an airy bookcase that does not obstruct the flow of natural light.

Ceiling moldings, contemporary furniture pieces, French-style fabrics, hand-crafted accessories, and a spectacular blend of colors like buttercup yellow, cream white, and sienna brown will give your home a monarchy-style elegance.

Pisces –Dreamy, Pastel, and Fairy-Core

The Piscean energy is all about serenity, intensity, and emotion, and they love to have sweet English cottage vibes in their homes.Because of their escapist disposition, Pisces’s home décor consists of chic, energetic color schemes and cozy touches here that give their home a touch of vintage tranquility.

A Pisces dream house must have varying shades of lavender; silk embroidered canopy curtains around their beds, fairy-tale blue accents, velvet furnishings in a punchy coral hue, chinoiserie drapes, and classic steel and iron doors.

The custom-made iron doors will pull the overall dreamy look of the Piscean home interior, adding a dramatic flair to its aesthetic appeal.

Aries – Daring and Exuding Otherworldly Vitality

Aries is fierce, attention-grabbing, transcending from banality through their bursts of creativity and having a luxe style and radiant energy.Liven your home up with vibrant pieces of art, bright red armchairs, and pops of buttercream yellow to bring a touch of the sun, paired with gorgeous glass front doors.

This look can be encouraged by playfully patterned rugs, textured accent mirrors, and hand-carved mahogany coffee tables. We love the juxtaposition of texture with sleek and shiny steel entrance doors.

Taurus – Peaceful, Serene, and Sylvan Charm

Taurus are modern, down-to-earth, and love to add dynamic flavors with pops of color in their home while maintaining a rustic appeal.

Their endless love for cottage-core energyis adorable since they only need a cozy retreat where they can take naps all the time.

For a Taurean rustic décor, think of subdued hues, natural materials, and comfortable furnishings. Opt for wooden accents, natural linen draperies, steel and iron doors, English wing chairs, and a petite crystal chandelier to lend your home interior a modern flair. Install a stone fireplace, mica pendants, wooden flooring, and pine trestle tables to encapsulate the true cottage-core feel.

Gemini – Stimulating and Vibrant

The Gemini twins signify intelligence and are always unraveling the secrets of the world with their bright little minds.

For Gemini-themed home décor, opt for a simple color palette and mix a lot of textures. Weave fabrics, wooden treasures, throw rugs, accent walls, and bold decorative items for a focal point in your living room.

A room’s interior with glass steel doors and wicker chairs placed outside.

Create a flow in your interior with eclecticism and use olive green and off-white colors for a gorgeous cohesive look. Well-chosen artwork pieces paired with gold-clad chandeliers, textured wallpaper, and ornate French doors embellished with sidelights will add a touch of majesty to your decadent home interior.

Cancer – Pristine, Classic, and Elegant

Imaginative, sophisticated, and nurturing Cancers are known for their vivid little lives that they love to live in their heads.

Cancers would love a home décor that is serene, contemporary, and modern. Steel doors with a blend of glass at the entrance, minimal décor that doesn’t feel too cluttered, bright colors that feel calming, and maximized space with functional design will make your home a sweet haven.

Sentimental souvenirs, framed family photos, and bric-a-brac placed on bookshelves will look perfect with your minimalist theme.

Leo – Creativity with Exotic Influences

Leos are highly spiritual beings who thrive when they’re under the spotlight and perform like the world is the stage set for them.

A Leo house must have a charm. Vintage furnishings, sage curtains, white walls, wrought iron chandeliers, and wooden flooring for impromptu elegance. We also recommend adding contemporary steel doorsto add depth and dimension to your gorgeous abode.

Virgo – Minimalism at Its Best

Virgos are perfectionists and search for a deeper meaning of purpose in every aspect of their lives.

The chic, modern, and elegant décor is the perfect interior for their perfectionist taste.

A room with white walls, parquet floors, and black steel doors.

Lacquered furniture, Art Deco floor lamps, iridescent glass pendants, and rich velvet curtains. Parquet floors combined with strikingly bold obsidian steel and iron doors will give your home a touch of elegance that is truly one of a kind.

Libra –Vintage, Venusian Energy

Since Libras are ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus, they are all connoisseurs of style and elegance.

A room with black steel doors and white walls.

For a Libra-inspired theme, opt for glass walls, limestone flooring, striking light fixtures, and steel and iron doors. Make sure you’re following a pastel color palette full of lavenders and powder blues, in addition to bold accent walls in earthy tones.

Scorpio – Intensity and Passion

Scorpios, known for their intense gaze and feelings, love everything dark, witchy, and glamorous.

Ornate vintage furnishings, stained glass windows, intricate period designs on upholstery, and velvet curtains in the colors garnet, emerald, and black look compelling in contrast with dynamic black steel doors.

A room with black shelves, and steel doors.

Accessorize with sconces, gothic artwork, and large bookcases to add more character to your theme.

Sagittarius – Full of Spirit and Adventure

The Sagittarius energy is all about looking towards a new horizon every morning and expanding their awareness by gathering unfamiliar experiences.  

As a Sagittarius, go with the mid-century modern interior – sculptural lines, curvy furniture, and stunning pocket doors that balance lines and textures perfectly.

Make sure you’re accessorizing with cherry-red shelves, vintage cocktail tables, and graphic art pieces to give your house the timeless mid-century modern appeal.

Capricorn – Ambitious and the Dramatic

Capricorn is known for their individuality and self-discipline—which means they appreciate some high quality craft-manships and luxurious décor.

If you’re a Capricorn, don’t forget to splurge on some of your favorite décor items. Opt for black, brown and white colors, and embrace traditional design – hardwood floors, dark finishes, rattan sofas, sheepskin throw rugs, and metal-dominant steel and iron doors.

For small spaces go for graphic prints or floral wallpaper. These will add a lot of visual interest in your room along with the steel doors.

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