How to Find Inspiration for Entry Doors

A home's exterior door is more than the main entry point. It's a statement of personality and style, as well as a way to create a powerful first impression on your visitors. More than that, your front door impacts the curb appeal of your home and makes it more inviting. But interesting exterior door ideas are a must if you wish to make your home's entry into something truly exceptional. From materials to door style, let's explore the essential tips to make your front door absolutely stunning.

Considering the Materials - Why You Should Choose Iron Exterior Doors

The first thing to consider for your entry doors is the material it's made of. You'll have three options here: wood, fiberglass, and iron, but, as the subtitle indicates, we firmly believe iron is the superior choice. Of course, that doesn't mean the other two types of front doors are bad on their own. In fact, each has an aspect in which it excels. Iron is just the best overall, especially when you consider PINKYS doors. Let's see why.

Aesthetic Value

When talking about the first impression, it's no wonder that the looks of your front doors will matter a lot. In that regard, doors made of wood or iron will win every time. These natural materials have a universal appeal second to none. Fiberglass can be made to resemble iron or wood, but it will never look quite as good - the difference will be in the details, which usually matter the most.


Contrary to the aesthetics category, fiberglass dominates the other material types in durability. For instance, a fiberglass front door will last longer and endure more wear and tear than wood doors in almost every case. But comparing fiberglass and iron isn't so straightforward, though. If maintained properly, iron entry doors will last for decades without signs of damage. Plus, iron can be easier to repair if dented, while damage to fiberglass doors may be beyond repair and could require a complete replacement.


Entry doors for your home must, naturally, be exceptionally secure against different types of damage. Preventing forced entry is among the main functions of quality front doors, but they should also be able to endure the impact of the elements like heat or wind. Wood falls behind here, too, as it can crack relatively easily compared to the other two, whether over time or from impact. While fiberglass can prove more secure in some instances, we'd have to give the ultimate advantage to iron for a simple reason: Iron front doors immediately look formidable and will serve as a deterrent for most potential burglars.

In conclusion, wood might be a better-looking material for some, while fiberglass is designed for prolonged durability. However, iron performs exceptionally well in all regards. In addition, it's a very energy-efficient material, particularly when it comes to PINKYS doors. That's why, if you're looking for front door ideas, we have to recommend you first consider iron.

Door Ideas by Style

Choosing the material for your exterior doors is only the beginning. To find the perfect inspiration for your house entrance, you must understand which styles are available. The choice here is by no means limited - you can go from traditional to rustic, to contemporary and modern styles. Picking the right style will give your entryway more personality, not to mention the potential for bumping up your home's market value.

PINKYS Door Styles

PINKYS is dedicated to ethereal beauty and creating designs to complement the life around you, whether it's nature or a sprawling cityscape. To that end, our selection of exterior doors is created for versatility and is able to match practically every type of project. When it comes to front entry door ideas, PINKYS products have two main variants: single and double doors. Of course, there are numerous styles within those two broad categories, which we'll explore right now.

Single Doors

The first selection of single doors by PINKYS comes from our flagship series, AIR. The AIR series of exterior doors has several variants: 4, 5, 7, Dutch, and Lite. These front door designs are characterized by their clean lines and stylish, sleek design.

AIR 4, 5, and Dutch have models with flat and arched tops, while AIR 7 only comes in a flat variant. AIR Lite presents particularly interesting options with slider and pivot doors that veer far off the traditional single-door designs. All AIR models are built with slim frames to allow for the best view possible.

In addition to the AIR series, PINKYS single doors include Getty and Knox models. These feature a more traditional, yet modern look. These doors are more closed off than AIR models but still leave plenty of room for glass surfaces. Getty doors have flat and arched variants while Knox only comes in flat.

Double Doors

For double doors, PINKYS offers AIR 4, 5, 7, 8, and Dutch models. All of these are relatively similar to single-door designs in that they come in flat and arched options. AIR 8 is of particular note as these doors have more solid surfaces than the rest of the AIR series. In that regard, AIR 8 resembles Getty doors more, although AIR, of course, has a unique style.

As for our other door series, PINKYS collection of double doors includes Beverly, Getty, Knox, and Roadtrip. All of these models have something special to offer. For instance, Beverly and Roadtrip feature intricate ornaments, while Knox and Getty are more traditional.

Great Curb Appeal Through Simple DIY

PINKYS doors are stunning on their own. While the front door is the most important element in terms of your house entrance, there are numerous additions to make the entryway look even better. Best of all, many of these can be a simple DIY project that doesn't require professional help. From inventive ways to display your house numbers to exciting color combinations, we'll review some of the best front door ideas to boost the beauty of your home.

Playing With House Numbers

A statement house number is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to make your front entry stand out. Essentially, this means getting larger carved numbers and placing them as separate elements rather than as mere markings on your doors.

For example, you could place the house number on your door separately, making it a stylish element on its own. And if you're dealing with numerals, you can orientate them however you want (vertically, horizontally, etc.). On the other hand, you could spell out the home number in lettering (“Four” instead of “4”). In that case, it would be best to orientate the letters horizontally and place them above the door, provided there's enough room for that.

Adding Greenery

A dash of green goes a long way if you want to create a pleasant and inviting entryway. To that end, you could surround your front door with potted plants. Depending on your plant choice, this may give the entryway a more rustic feel or make it modern and fun - it will be a matter of the overall design. DIY wreaths are another great idea to complement the look of your iron front door. These wreaths are relatively easy to make (and even easier to order), and you can customize them with various plants - succulents work particularly well here. Decorating your DIY wreath with moss is also a great idea.

Carefully Selected Accessories

Decorating your front entry can be as easy as choosing the right welcome mat, and there are many other accessories to style-up your entryway. Imaginative sconces on either side of the front door will provide sufficient light and make the door area livelier. If you're adding potted plants, custom planters can elevate the style further. Even the mailbox can become a fun detail for the entryway as you can shop around for custom designs to match the front door.

Experimenting With Colors

Colors are, of course, one of the crucial ways of making your home entry doors unique. Want to place all of the focus on the doors themselves? Try painting them red. Looking for more subdued color ideas that will nevertheless make the entryway easy to notice? Paint the door green or blue. And if you're looking for a delicate look for your front entry, use a light color variant.

Even before installing a new door, playing around with colors on your current front door will likely give you great ideas for the ultimate entryway design.

Front Door Glass Ideas

PINKYS doors have the advantage of numerous glass types that will change the appearance of your front door completely. Our glass comes in double panes, looks amazing, and is extremely energy-efficient. Since we're discussing front door ideas primarily in terms of aesthetics here, we won't dwell long on energy efficiency and safety - suffice to say PINKYS doors have tempered glass that both keeps the temperature stable and is quite hard to break. With that said, let's look at what each glass type offers in the visuals department.


As the most standard glass type for PINKYS doors, Low-E is clear and without texturing. This glass allows plenty of light in and doesn't obscure the view at all, so you can see your visitors approaching. On the downside, Low-E allows for a clear sight from the outside as well. This may be fine for certain contemporary homes (depending on the entry location), but it also represents a privacy issue if your house is on a crowded street.


Frost/Sandblast glass gives uniform light diffusion across the entire surface. This glass type looks modern and stylish, yet discreet at the same time. Also, this glass type is ideal for privacy - it will warp the view almost completely, making the interior of your home practically invisible to passers-by or visitors, unless they stand right at the entry.


Flemish glass looks very elegant on doors and windows. Partially obscuring the view, this glass will make your entryway seem like a work of art, giving off a contemporary style and elevating the overall look of your front door. It's worth noting that Flemish glass won't prevent anyone standing on your welcome mat from seeing inside, even though the image won't be perfectly clear.

Rain Glass

Rain glass features a texture that will give your door a romantic feel. At the same time, your house's entry will look sleek and give off an impression everyone will notice. If you like the refreshing look of glass under rain, this variant will make it permanent.


With Aquatex, your front door will evoke the look of an impressionist artwork. Somewhat similar to stained glass, Aquatex will allow silhouettes to be visible from the outside but will restrict full view into your entryway. This glass type is among the favorite front door ideas with PINKYS customers due to its unique appeal. It's also a common choice for other door types like patio doors.

Ribbed Glass

Finally, ribbed glass is the right choice for a more serious contemporary look. It consists of parallel lines that give your door a clean look and obscure the view nearly completely. If you're looking for front door ideas that will instill an immediate sense of respect, ribbed glass combined with PINKYS' elegant design will be the best way to do it.

Why Choose PINKYS?

If you're wondering why PINKYS is the right choice for your front door, the answer is in the values that our company represents. Let us paint you a picture.

Southern California Inspiration

PINKYS is inspired by Southern California's blush sunsets, freedom, and open air. Our contemporary designs turn your entryway and windows into frames for the breathtaking green expanse and crystal-clear blue skies above it. We dream in pink, and want to bring that dream to your reality.

Unrivaled Quality

Every door from PINKYS is made by an expert craftsman team with extensive experience and a sense of immaculate entryway design. With premium iron, top-tier components, and industry-leading energy efficiency, our doors and windows represent the best that the industry has to offer.

Broad Customization Options

You can order a custom variant of every front door made by PINKYS. We work with all dimensions and can accommodate the style of any entryway and home. Tell us what you need, and we'll do everything else. Well, nearly - you'll have to provide the welcome mat yourself.

Find Your Unique Style With PINKYS

If you want to make your entryway truly your own, PINKYS will have precisely what you need. Explore our catalog of doors and windows, handmade by the best craftsman team in the industry, and choose the most fitting product for your home.

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