How to Improve Your Louisiana Home’s Entrance with Iron Doors

Does your home look exquisite on the inside and quite the opposite on the outside? Dear friend, you have your priorities all inverted. A home’s façade is like a book’s cover. It draws people in or turns them off the property altogether, depending on how good it looks.

Whether you want to put your Louisiana home on the market or just make some improvements for the pure sake of it, start with your curb. Not only is that the easiest way to boost its value, but it’s also the perfect blank canvas for you to start drawing on.

So, pick up that brush, nay front door by Pinky’s Iron Doors, and start drawing your home exterior from scratch. Here’s how.

Contrast Corners with a Double Full Arch

If you’ve got a property with sleek corners and straight lines on the outside, it only stands to reason you either match or contrast it with a front iron door. You can achieve the latter with an AIR 5 – Double Full-Arch, which can help you determine your façade with your entrance without taking away from your home’s modern outlook.

This wrought iron door draws all the attention to itself. Add some custom sidelights in the mix, and you’ve got an entry door that is the first and only thing people see before deciding to get one for themselves or asking whether the home is up for sale or rent.


Match Corners with a Flat Top

We did say you could match sleek lines with an even more elegant iron door and have the result look just as exquisite. Install a Dutch door and throw a bunch of fixed windows in the mix to leave little to the imagination regarding your home interior.

Incorporate an AIR 4 Dutch – Single Flat, as shown in the image. Give levels to the contrast by pairing this iron door, which you can open partially or completely, with immovable steel windows that can only provide visual continuity from the outdoors to the indoors and vice versa. Add a Transom to the Ensemble


We may not talk about our more traditional wrought iron doors, but that doesn’t make them less amazing than their modern counterparts. Take a look at this San Francisco – Double Flat, for instance.

Take one look at its intricate yet symmetrical patterns, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to get one for your entrance. Add an arched transom with identical bars to the ensemble and customize the

glass for transparency, and you’ve got the perfect front door for your Louisiana home! Don’t believe us? Just take a gander at this exhibit right here.

A Home with a View (Courtesy of Steel Windows)

One look at the AIR 4 – W40 Single Casement Window and its fixed middle panel will have you clamoring to buy it for your own home. Just look at the several rows of this steel window above a front door from our AIR collection, preferably the AIR 5 – Double Flat as shown in the image here.

Don’t forget to light up your entrance with lights and potted plants on both sides of your iron door. If you’re planning to attract potential buyers, it won’t be such a bad idea to look after your landscape. Just install the windows, front and center, where they’re most visible, and let in all the light you want inside your home.

Customize the T-Bars for a Fresh Outlook

If you want to get a front door unlike anything else in our collection, you might want to take the road less traveled. Take any door with T-bars and customize those very T-bars exactly how you want them.

custom iron door doesn’t have to have symmetrical bars. You can have it tweaked so those T-bars look asymmetrical, just like your exterior brickwork. Imagine a less consistent Hollywood – Single Flat whose bars don’t have a rhyme or reason. They’re unevenly placed but no less pleasing to the eye.

A Luxurious Curb à la Paris

If you’re interested in creating a luxurious façade, we’re as interested, if not more so, in giving them to you via front iron doors. Keep it simple yet no less domineering by installing an iron door with low-visibility glass, geometrical bars, and a high kick-plate. Make the door pop against an otherwise white façade.

Alternatively, order a gothic Paris – Double Flat or get the single version of this wrought iron door and install it in all its glory at your entrance. The straight bars offer a stark contrast to the curved borders, while the low-visibility glass makes sure you’re giving away none of your interiors without compromising any of the brightness.

An Entrance with a ‘Story’

Do you want your entrance to tell a story without taking on the expense of steel windows, new paint, landscaping, etc.? Well, why didn’t you say so before? Install a Story – Double Flat to draw all the attention to your front door. Thanks to intricate bars and a low kick-plate, this iron door is among our most population items outside the AIR collection.

Turn it into a custom iron door by tweaking the glass, kicking up or removing the kick-plate altogether, changing the finish, or replacing the glass with something low- or high-visibility. Your entry door will have all the elements to draw attention away from the less savory aspects of your home exterior.

The Many Faces of the Getty

The Getty line of iron doors has been the center of attention since it was first launched. Not only does this front door have a higher kick-plate, Low-E glass, and symmetrical T-bars, but it’s also available as a single or double door.

You can also find it in several tops, such as flat, arch, and full arch, and customize it for any number of things, from finish to glass to kick-plate.

Order Your Iron Doors in Louisiana with Pinky’s Iron Doors

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to our iron doors. Explore our virtual showroom to order custom iron doors for your entrance. Venture indoors with steel doors, go around the back with patio doors, or alternate your iron front with a steel or cold weather door. Toss in some transoms, sidelights, and steel windows, and you have everything you need to transform your home exterior.

Contact us to arrange delivery for your doors and windows in Louisiana.

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