How to Remodel Your Chelsea Home using Iron Doors?

Iron doors are a beloved staple in many homes, and magazines are just filled with options from simple iron doors to more intricate designs. They create a lasting first impression and can set the tone for the rest of the home.

It’s also great for both interior and exterior doors. If you’ve fallen in love with iron doors and have a remodeling project underway, here are some ways you can change things up and fit the two together.

Use Mediterranean Influences

Mediterranean interior design takes its influence from several parts of Europe. With this style, you can combine luxury and comfort and have an extensive color palette.

The interior design leans towards sunny and is reminiscent of a sea breeze, so you can use beige and whites while also incorporating colors like turquoise, blue, and yellows. These colors and the overall interior design are a match made in heaven with traditional iron door designs. An Air 4 – Double Mini Arch would look amazing with this style.

You can also go for a customized option in iron doors to match the Old-World feel of this type of interior design too. The main goal of this type of interior is to exude luxury and quality with a lived-in feel.


Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism is a popular concept, and if you’ve ever picked up an interior design style magazine, you’ve come across it. It has simple yet functional furnishing and decors with a light and airy interior.

In a minimalist space, you want there to be no clutter, simplicity, and clean lines. Iron doors are perfect to combine with open floor plans, functional décor, and a lot of light. You can focus on the shapes and colors without having to worry about filling up every corner of the room.

You’d want to focus on essential elements to achieve the look, and for exterior or interior doors, iron doors are always a great choice. A mix of metal and glass will go well with the look of a minimalist interior design. You can opt for an Air 4 – W/Sidelights Flat Top, which has the perfect metal to glass ratio for a minimalist home.


A Complete Modern Remodel

The ‘Modern Interior Design’ emerged in the early twentieth century and continues to be our top favorite for all homes and apartments, regardless of their size. It’s the first style people usually think of to accompany the iron door because of its defining elements.

It’s characterized by clean lines in construction and ornamentations, having minimal home décor (although this isn’t necessary), neutral or monochromatic colors, and low and long furniture. This is a blend of minimalist and industrial style and often has iron or steel door for exterior and interior doors.

For a complete modern remodel, you can use the Air 5 – Double Flat for exterior doors and Air 5 – Double Flat for interior ones. This will give you the modern look you need while also maintaining a cohesive look throughout the home.

Easy-to-Do Traditional Interior

Traditional décor is rooted in 18th and 19th century France and England with a hint of modernism. Even though based in the past, the designs have ornamental details with rooms set up to be comfortable and functional.

There are also classic ways of filling the conventional spaces. Although it’s all very traditional, it isn’t necessary to stick to wooden doors to match it. You can incorporate iron doors as well.

If you’re going traditional, you’ll want iron doors that show more metal and less glass. Go for doors like the Air 8 - Double Flat or the Air 8 - Single Flat. For traditional décor and interior, you can also go with Dutch doors and iron doors with intricate designs like the Hills - Double Flat.




Industrial for a Sharper Style

If you have an open floor plan and like sharp lines, you might want to try industrial interior design for your next remodel. The industrial interior features open space and a lot of metal, making iron doors the go-to door choice. The style also takes inspiration from the Scandinavian interior design that’s huge and cozy.

With an industrial remodel, you’ll want to incorporate natural lighting and highlight architectural materials. Instead of painting over the walls and using wallpaper, leave the exposed brick look and concrete flooring. This style loves graphic lines, which you can get from iron doors such as the Air 5 Flat Top - w/ Flat Top Transom.

Bright Eclectic Remodel  

After going through all the styles mentioned on the list do you feel that your preference includes parts of well… all of them? If yes, then you can categorize it as an eclectic style. These at-odd styles don’t make you crazy; you just like what you like.

It’s an informal mixture of various elements from different interior design styles. This also includes mixing patterns and colors, and it leans towards a maximalist look rather than a minimalist one. If you have different tastes, why not go for a different door to match?

Iron doors are a great choice no matter what style you go for. They can be painted, and they come in several designs. But when your style is unique, why not go for a unique iron door too? You can get a custom iron door that can have arches, geometric lines, and as much or as little glass as you’d like. Let’s not forget about the color choices too!


The Best Craftsmanship in Iron Doors in Alabama

Iron doors are truly the jack of all trades of doors. They fit several styles yet make a spot for themselves in the onlooker’s mind. If you’re looking for iron entry doors, iron patio doors, or just steel doors, check out our collection. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have a wide variety of iron and steel doors in stock, and you can also customize them as you wish. Remodel with iron door and make your home stand out on the block!

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