Why Choose Wrought Iron Doors for Your Guest Bedroom


The guest bedroom is often the most neglected area of a house. You don’t want to turn guests off from visiting with a haphazardly thrown together room that sends a hostile message. The ideal guest bedroom merges the comforts of home with the conveniences of a hotel.

That said, you want to design it the way you would your own room: with attention to style and practicality. Your guest room doesn't need an all-out transformation; simple upgrades like adding eye-catching wrought iron doors are all that's needed.

Here's why your guest bedroom could use a set of Pinky's wrought iron doors:

Increase Spaciousness with Arched Iron Doors

The shape of the entry doorhas a tremendous impact on the size of a room. If you have a small bedroom, you want to avoid doors that are too narrow or straight. Straight-edged doors make a space look more cramped than it is.

Wrought iron doors with arches, however, balance and enhance your interior. You'll get the sense of a larger room and longer walls by including curves and bends into your design. Our arched French iron doors create a similar affect.

Liven Up a Bedroom with Natural Light

Wrought iron doors with glass panels encourage natural light to flow freely into your guest bedroom.This simple addition reignites a dull interior immediately. For added practicality in your hand-forged iron door, consider adding a set of custom screen panels to it.

Our Dream Single Flat door has a personalized screen, but you can add it to other styles as well. Our expert team will help you design a door that has all the features you want, like this custom design below.


Get Tinted or Frosted Glass Panes for Privacy

Most homeowners are drawn to glass doors because of their clean and attractive design. However, these doors have huge glass panes that don’t give a lot of privacy. Instead, go for a Dutch iron door or frosted glass sliding door.

Your guests will get plenty of personal space and solitude along with a cozy, sunny interior. Custom pocket iron doors from Pinky's Iron Doors are another way to add some flair to your home without taking up a lot of extra room.

Wrought Iron Doors can be Customized

The design possibilities with wrought iron doors are almost limitless. They are highly adaptable – you can modify the form, size, and style to meet your specific requirements. Since wrought iron is strong and pliable, you can easily get a single door made for any room in your home.

Once you've decided on the door for your guest bedroom, browse our selection of wrought iron doors and steel doors to find the right fit. Our interior doors are made of the finest materials and are adorned with the most exquisite artistry.

Just tell us the measurements and styles you want, and our team will design the perfect bedroom door to match your architectural design. Contact us to place an order or learn more.

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