How To Make An Iron Door The Focal Point Of Your Home

Every home needs a focal point to attract a viewer’s gaze and become an emphasis point around which the rest of the design is built. When it comes to houses, the front door sets people’s expectations going in. The color of the door, the lighting around it, and the landscaping leading up to it all work together to create a focal point that pulls you in.

Here are some ways that you can make your iron front door a focal point for your home:


Iron doors are available in many different designs, and their versatile material allows for many different shapes and patterns that are usually difficult to achieve with others. You can go for a simple iron door with beautiful scrollwork as the focal point or add windows to the door for some additional visual appeal and natural lighting inside the house.

Some eye-catching styles that you can go for including French doors, sliding doors, and Dutch doors.


A bold color provides an excellent opportunity to add a splash of color and naturally draw in the eye. You obviously wouldn’t want to paint your home in a bright purple shade, but you can always use fun colors for your door! Iron doors are available in many different finishes and colors, and they’re also super easy to prime and paint by yourself if need be.

If you live in a section of a row house, you can paint your door in a vivid color to make it stand out and add curb appeal. You can also go for more subtle tones like pastels if you like playing it safe.


You can decorate your iron front door in a variety of ways! Things like wreaths and other greenery, door knockers, or even mail slots can add catch attention from onlookers. Wreaths are an excellent addition to front doors since they can be changed out every season for a fresh look—trying hanging a grapevine wreath for the fall, a poinsettia one for the winter, and a colorful dried flower wreath for spring.

You can also install benches, wall hangings, or planters alongside the front door as a beautiful frame to make it even more eye-catching. Planters are also rather easy to change as the seasons pass by and offer an unlimited amount of creativity for decorating your front door.

Switch to updated house numbers

Don’t make your house guests and friends squint to see your house number from afar. Your house numbers can complement the architectural style of your home if you do it right! Research for the right font and style of numbers to put on or next to your iron door to complement the rest of your home and are visible from far away.

Get a high-quality iron front door

The best way to make your iron door pop is to get something with a beautiful design and high-quality finish, such as iron doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors! Our professional designers can work with you to create a custom iron front door that goes perfectly with the rest of your home. We have many different designs and styles available such as classic French doors, Dutch doors, and bifold doors.

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