Why Steel Doors Work So Well for Sunny Texas Ranches

Texas weather can be tricky. While the winters can be frigidly cold, the summers are quite pleasant, with some extremely hot and humid days. But that’s not enough to keep Texians away from the sun when it comes to their homes, especially ranches.

Texas is one of the most famous cowboy states, which is why you will find many ranches around the state. If you are a happy owner of one of these wonderful ranches and are on the lookout for a ravishing door, nothing will work better than a steel door.

Steel doors are extremely versatile and have many benefits to offer. These entry doors can add an exquisite touch to the overall aesthetic of your ranch for many reasons. Here’s how.

Low Maintenance

When we say ranches, do you instantly think about large open fields with horses, cows, and other animals? If yes, then you’re right. That’s what a ranch constitutes. Therefore, you need a door that doesn’t need much maintenance.

This is where steel doors come in. Steel doors are simple, unlike wooden doors where you need to protect them from the sun, or they’ll fade over time or might begin to rot if exposed to water for a long period. Just dust these steel doors regularly and clean them every two months, and you’re good to go.


When you look for a door for the ranch, it must be long-lasting. With animals all around and pointy tools and devices being used at the ranch, wooden doors can get easily scuffed or damaged. At the same time, fiberglass doors might end up getting many cracks or chips.

However, with steel doors, these issues are the least of your worries. Steel doors are made to last you a lifetime and feature some timeless designs too. This way, you don’t have to worry about replacing your steel doors every few years!

Increased Property Value

You might have heard how steel doors can help increase the value of homes. Well, this fact is not just limited to homes, but ranches too. Anywhere you install a steel door, you can expect a positive surge in the property value. That’s because most potential buyers are willing to pay the added cost of a steel door in the property price due to the many advantages.

An average steel door that’s maintained well can last you anywhere between 10 to 12 years. Whereas the premium quality doors can last you around 30 years if taken care of. We mean, how cost-effective is that?

Ready to Steel The Look?

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