How to Make Your Home in New Mexico More Picturesque with Interior Doors

New Mexico is an extremely diverse state to live in. It offers a blend of Native American, Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Anglo influences.

However, with diversity comes challenges of fitting amongst a plethora of lifestyles. Pinky’s Iron Doors offers a wide range of iron doors for your home that can be used for interior and exterior.

Here are some interior iron doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors, to make your home in New Mexico more picturesque:



Homes in the southwest usually offer a very open plan without any separate formal dining area or living rooms. If you’ve recently shifted here from another state, that can be a problem.

Our wide collection of iron French doors and pocket iron doors can come in very handy for you. While offering the features of a door, they also work great as room dividers to create private and smaller rooms.



This place is full of mansion-style homes with huge front porches and columns. The focus here remains on their beautiful back patios and courtyards that lead toward huge landscaped grounds.

You can choose from our extensive collection of patio doors, consisting of Dutch doors, iron French doors, sliding iron doors, pocket iron doors, or custom create your own.

Iron patio doors act as a breathtaking prop for taking pictures in front of.


Southwest Contemporary

Southwest isn’t just about traditional homes; you’ll find some amazing mansion-inspired homes here too that are quite large and mainly custom-built. It’s made using stones and finished using Stucco.

Accentuate the look of your home with our black steel doors for your home. Because they’re so versatile, they can be used as a wine cellar door, room divider, closet door, and much more. Its elegant look can uplift any picture.


Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico features iconic homes and lifestyles that stand out due to its steep-pitched metal roof. The interior in these homes is usually ranch-style, which means it must be extremely cozy with huge patio space.

You can use our barn iron doors to create simple and elegant room dividers that can slide open and shut, or incorporate double full-arch iron doors to give your pantry a stylish look while being cozy.

Regardless of your home style, some iron doors are just a staple in all homes, such as our iron French doors being used for closets. It’s perfect if you love having your wardrobe on display while looking organized and put together.

And if you’ve profound love for wine, always consider our classic Queensway wine cellar iron door. It has a functional mini glass door that's supported by iron grillwork.


 Our iron door collection offers multi-uses, unlike the typical doors. You can spruce up the place by swapping doors from one area of your house to another. Or simply contact us when you feel like it’s time for a change.

Pinky’s Iron Door is always happy to create custom projects for our customers.




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