6 Door Customization Ideas Perfect for California Homeowners

It’s easy to ignore your front door compared to the other significant things when considering a home renovation. However, something as simple as your front entry door can create a staggering difference in the overall appearance of your home.

Here are some head-turning door customization ideas by Pinky’s Iron Doors that’ll make your home the talk of the town.


Statement Iron Work Entry Door



Imagine your brick pathway leading to a breathtaking double-iron door. The front door consists of a customized statement ironwork door, with the second one made of tempered glass.

If this doesn’t give you a majestic feel, nothing will!


If you want to add a modern minimalistic touch to your entry way, play with asymmetry.

A low ceiling ending where your double-heighted iron door with a sidelight ends. Wake up to soft morning light peeking through the sidelight and brightening your home – the perfect California morning.

Contrast Color Doors

Go bold or go home – if this is your life motto, then a color contrast door is perfect for you.

Iron wrought doors can feature from the most vibrant shades of fuchsia to the deepest shades of maroon. Get a custom-colored contrast front door that matches the aesthetics of your home.

Add a Vintage Touch With French Doors



If you love history, customize the appearance of your home with French doors. From a double full-arch French door to a sidelight double flat-top French door, you have so many options to choose from.

Color Block Glass and Iron Door

This is especially for our contemporary art fans.

If you don’t like the heaviness of an iron door, a solid iron frame with tempered glass in color block style will lift the look of your California home. Your stunning iron door will leave everyone mesmerized, from children to adults.

Let’s go Dutch!

If you have a home on the Malibu Beach in California, get yourself a Dutch iron door. Our air Dutch collection with fixed glass provides elegance with utility. With a two-part door, you have the option to open the top one to enjoy the fresh beachy air or keep them both closed at all times.

Your doors say a lot about you and your taste, so don’t decide in haste. Visit Pinky’s Iron Doors to browse through collection of iron doors and steel windows designs. We like to bring the best iron door collection for our precious customers!

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