Spicing Up Your New Mexico Home with Affordable Door and Window Upgrades

While being extremely culturally diverse, homes in New Mexico can seem plain and just too  similar. It's always a great idea to spruce things up now and then for a fresh start. While many people assume that it might take months to make such drastic changes along with thousands of dollars, sometimes simple changes such as door and window upgrades, can make plenty of difference.


It's always a good idea to start small. Begin your New Mexico home makeover by upgrading your windows and doors at an affordable cost using Pinky's Iron Doors:

Pool Side Homes

Homes with large and beautiful pools are very common in New Mexico. Maximize your pool view by installing an iron French door that leads you to the poolside. Sunny mornings with a vibrant blue pool can be a sight for sore eyes. Whether you're sitting at your kitchen table enjoying a coffee or just glancing around while working on the laptop, our iron French doors will allow you to absorb the stunning outdoor view from your kitchen or your living room.

Pueblo Revival

These homes belong to the 8th century Pueblo Indians – hence the name. These homes gained immense popularity by the 20th century and were referred to as "Adobe-style' homes. Adobe homes are usually built around the courtyards as this connects the indoors and outdoors.

Refresh your home by using our colored steel doors and windows. Spice it up with fluorescent blue color-coordinated steel doors and windows. Or play with colors and choose another refreshing tone for your home. Just make sure you choose bright and bold tones as the home itself is earthy and muted, so the new steel doors and windows should help spruce it up!


Contemporary homes are extremely easy to sapot due to their clean and minimalistic design. Since it consists of large open spaces with a minimalist interior, the best way to spice things up, is by using glass and black iron doors and windows. You don't want to use bright colors or anything fancy here; the key is to keep it simple.

Pinky's Iron Doors excels at a minimalistic lifestyle. You can consider any of the following: pivot iron doors, sliding iron doors, or black steel doors and windows. Our steel doors and windows offer optimum quality at a stellar price!

Santa Fe Style

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico, known for its architecture being inspired by the Spanish colonies from the 1600s.

These homes have small windows with flat roofs and different color tiles. Spruce up the look with our arch double iron doors, add in some sidelights and transoms to maximize ventilation and natural light in the house. Pair it will arch-style iron windows with a French look to complete the look.

These are some of the wonderful ways you can spice things up in your New Mexico home. If you're looking for something even more different that's beyond the usual things, contact us for a custom-made iron door. The world is your canvas, and our artisans will help you color it bright!

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