How to Open Iron Doors in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a game that allows users to build anything they can imagine using blocks. One of the game's most popular features is the ability to explore different worlds, including caves and mines. While playing in a cave or mine, you may encounter iron doors blocking your way. If you're like most Minecraft players, you've probably come across an iron door at some point and wondered how to open it. It's not as easy as just hitting it with your pickaxe!


In this guide, we'll show you the different ways to open iron doors in Minecraft PE, depending on the door type. Iron doors come in two varieties: wooden and iron. Wooden doors are the most common and can be opened by simply hitting them with your hand or an item. Iron doors, however, are much more sturdy and require a little more effort to open. This guide will teach you how to open iron doors in Minecraft PE.


  • You will need a pickaxe to open an iron door in Minecraft PE. Hold your pickaxe and hit the space bar to use it when standing in front of the door. This will break the door down. Once the door is broken, you can walk through it.


  • Keep in mind that iron doors can also be opened by using Redstone. You will need to place a block of Redstone on the ground in front of the door. Then, you will need to connect the Redstone to a power source, such as a lever or button. When you power the Redstone, it will cause the door to open.


  • You can also place a sign on the door that says "Punch to Open." When a player punches the sign, it will open the door.


  • You can use a pressure plate to open an iron door, and you must place a pressure plate on the ground before the door. Then, when a player steps on the pressure plate, it will open the door.


Now that you know how to open iron doors in Minecraft PE, you can continue exploring the world around you. Just be sure to bring a pickaxe with you so that you can break down any doors that are in your way!

Last Words

This guide was meant to help Minecraft players who have trouble opening iron doors in mines. The techniques described here should work for most players, but there is always the chance that a door might be placed in an unexpected spot or use a different type of lock. If these tips don't help you open the door, it's best to ask around on social media or one of the many Minecraft forums online. With a bit of patience and some detective work, you'll be able to get into those pesky mine shafts in no time!

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