Why Does Dream Hate Iron Doors

Minecraft is a game that allows players to build with blocks in a 3D environment. Different types of blocks, including ores, can be found worldwide and used to create various objects. One popular object that is often created in Minecraft is a door.


What are Iron Doors in Minecraft?

Minecraft's door creation can be tricky, as the door needs to be placed in the correct spot to open and close properly. One type of door that is often used in Minecraft is an iron door. An iron door can be created by acquiring some iron ore and smelting it into ingots using a furnace. The ingots can then be used to create the door by placing them in the correct position on a crafting table.


Once an iron door has been created, it can be placed worldwide and opened and closed like any other door. It's important to note that iron doors cannot be opened from the other side, as they must be manually opened using either a button or lever. This can be frustrating for players trying to get into a building with an iron door, as they will need to find another way in.


Why Does Dream Hate Iron Doors


One YouTuber who goes by the name of Dream has made it his mission to hate Iron Doors in Minecraft. He has even made a video, which you can watch below.

In Dream's video, he explains that he doesn't like Iron Doors in Minecraft because they are difficult to open. He also notes that they can't be opened from the other side, which can be a problem for players trying to get into a building; in the video, Dream rants about how Iron Doors are the worst thing in Minecraft. He also makes some valid points about how Iron Doors can be hard to open and close and can be frustrating for players trying to get into a building.

Overall, Dream doesn't think that Iron Doors are necessary for Minecraft, and he would rather see them removed from the game altogether. However, it's important to note that not everyone shares Dream's opinion on Iron Doors, and some players find them helpful to the game, while others don't mind them. Ultimately, it's up to each individual player to decide whether or not they want to use Iron Doors in their own Minecraft world.


Wrap Up

This article was written to help Youtubers understand the hate Iron Doors in Minecraft can generate. The purpose of this article is not to condone or encourage the use of Iron Doors but rather to provide an understanding as to why they are disliked and how you can avoid generating hate for using them in your videos.


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