Iron Doors and Windows in Eagle, Idaho

The beautiful place we now call Eagle was known as Eagle Island, due to the large number of Bald Eagles present in the region. The area began to see settlers in search of Gold. Later on, Truman C. Catlin would come to the area and change it forever. Along with his neighbor, he worked on several irrigation trenches, an effort which was luckily carried out by the locals, allowing 700 acres a supply of water to irrigate the land. Another major historical event was Thomas Hugh Aikens’ efforts to build a bridge to connect Eagle to other parts of the region.

A lake in Eagle, Idaho.

Business would later on flourish in the area, which simply increased the influx of people moving from other parts of Idaho and the rest. Many fine establishments such as the Eagle Drug Store, Boise Valley Packing Company and Boise Valley Cooperative Creamery of Meridian would provide jobs and resources to the locals. This would be a sign for the future prosperity that the town would see. It would cultivate a great deal of crops and supply many of the excess to the rest of the country, creating livelihood in the farming field.

In the modern era, Eagle is a suburban region populated by families. It has all the amenities that the average American could want. Its beautiful idyllic neighborhoods are only made more special with the breath-taking views of the Eagle scenery. Those looking to escape the cityscapes and head toward a more scenic location will find themselves turning to Eagle, Idaho quite often. Like most of Ada County, Eagle has strong weather across the spectrum. It can go as low as 23°F but stays on the moderate side in the summers, going all the way up to 92°F on average.

Pinky’s Iron Doors understands the needs of the locals, and provides suitable installations that go well with aesthetic as well as the needs of the public. They’re designed to not only look excellent but remain functional throughout the seasons. We provide nationwide delivery services on our products, making it easier than ever for the locals to have access to our collection of iron doors, windows and other accessories.

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