Iron Doors In Missouri

Treat Your Thresholds to Steel and Iron Doors in Missouri

Missouri is your archetypal US state. With rich origins dating back to 12,000 BC, followed by Spanish settlers in 1764; followed again by admittance to the United States in 1821 BG (Before Google), and before you know it, BAM! Matt Bomer; born roughly a decade before the Google era. That’s oversimplifying history that spans thousands of years and events. The whole thing deserves its own appreciation piece.

So, let’s not do that. Let’s talk about iron doors and steel doors and windows instead.

If you’re a Missourian with commercial or residential digs in this part of the Midwest, your front door and interior doors have probably suffered through the bitterest of colds and the hottest of summers. We’re talking extreme weather resulting in extremely weathered inner and entry doors.

Luckily for you, Pinky’s Iron Doors has just the stock you need to replace your old doors and windows in Missouri.

Check Out Iron Entry Doors for Your Missouri Property

The iron front doors you see below don’t exclusively fall under the umbrella of front doors, meaning you can have them installed as interior or patio doors.

· Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are the most conventional of iron doors. They’re hinged doors that open in one direction, and you’ve probably got them all over your house, not just the housefront. However, iron entry doors might have more to offer in terms of design. Wrought iron doors may feature contemporary, intricate, or geometrical patterns, and you can probably find a match for your house in our collection.

· Pivot Doors

Pivot doors have descended from revolving doors, and man, do they make their predecessors proud. This single modern iron door has a (almost) central axis, enabling it to open in a ‘pivoting’ motion.

· Dutch Doors

You can install Dutch doors up front or use them as patio doors. These eclectic iron doors predate the United States by just a smidge, but they look every bit a product of the Kardashian era. They feature a top half that can be opened independently of the bottom half, meaning you don’t even have to open them all the way through to let some air in during those hot, humid summer months.

Get All the Sliding Doors You Want in Missouri

Iron and steel doors don’t just swing and pivot. They also slide open, and as you’ll see very soon, they slide open in more ways than one. You can use them as entry doors to add a unique aesthetic to your storefront, install them all over your house, or treat them as patio doors leading off to a balcony, swimming pool area, backyard, and any other space on your property.

· Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are textbook sliding doors because they’re attached to a track lining the top and bottom part of the door frame. These black steel doors have a very visible threshold, but they also create fluid spaces thanks to their glass component. They make for great office doors, wine cellar doors, and pantry doors.

· Barn Doors

These interior doors have a sliding mechanism, but they aren’t exactly sliding doors. You see, barn doors do more with less by taking away a track. They slide along a single track on the top part of the frame. This means you don’t have to worry about crossing over a physical threshold.

· Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are the Houdini of interior doors. While they do have a sliding track like conventional sliding doors, it’s not visible to the naked eye. You see, pocket doors owe their name to the pockets on both horizontal sides of the door frame. These pockets contain the sliding track to which the factory-style steel doors are attached at all times. Thus, you can see them when they’re shut, but the more you slide them open, the more they disappear into the pockets on both sides. That’s fascinating and certainly a party trick you want to try when entertaining guests.

· Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors have all of the above beat. Believe it or not, these steel and iron doors are an even more updated version of the quintessential sliding door. They’re inspired by the accordion, meaning they are a series of attached doors that fold over each other as you push the opening side over to the other side. If you’re looking for patio doors, you can’t do better than this space-saving option.

Steal a Glance at Steel Windows for your Missouri Home

Now that you’ve looked at every conceivable steel door Missouri and iron door Missouri, it’s time to move on to our steel windows. Windows hardly ever get credit for contributing to a house or storefront’s curb appeal. They can turn a private entrance into a welcoming entrance by the sheer force of their size and glass panels.

You can even use them to frame both sides of a steel interior or entry door to give it a more open plan feel. Large steel windows might do just as well if you don’t have enough space in your entry to install a sidelight with your single front door. Fixed or sliding steel windows also make great skylights, turning a dark attic into a bright and airy top room.

Our wrought iron doors and black steel doors and windows are the best things that can happen to your Missouri property. They are modern but not boring, minimalistic but not simple, grand but not formidable. They look amazing, attract customers, improve home value, and they’re now just a click away at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Out With the Old, In With the New in Missouri

If you’ve had the same set of doors for the past decade, a change is long overdue. Change your old doors with brand-new modern iron doors, factory-style steel doors, transoms, sidelight, and windows. Customize your order by size, color, shape, design, detail, and a whole lot more.

Visit our online showroom to view a diverse collection of iron entry doors, interior doors, patio doors, and more.

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