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Georgia, being the 8th most populous state in the United States, is rich in culture and history. Georgia has had a very strong and liberating history attached to it—it was home to Martin Luther King Jr., and it acted as the headquarters for a nationwide civil rights movement. But that's not all; Georgia has cities that have harbored some top global leaders.

Georgia is also home to the greatest drink invention in the history of the world – Coca-Cola. Dr. John Pemberton invented the first-ever Coca-Cola drink in Georgia, later sold in a local pharmacy. Georgia has always been a fast-paced state, where the development and progress of the state have been the primary reason for its fame.

People from around the country have traveled and settled into Georgia, which has given rise to the buying and selling of real estate in several cities across the state. The more people bought houses and settled in Georgia, the more people wanted to spend time remodeling their own Georgia residences. One of the most favored ways of remodeling houses in Georgia is replacing old doors to fit new ones.

Many people replaced old doors with sturdier iron doors or stylish interior steel doors to redefine their houses. Similarly, if you're thinking about making changes to your Georgia property, and you're looking for an iron and steel door provider, then Pinky's has everything you need. We have several different interiors and exterior iron doors and steel doors available in Georgia that customers can choose from.

Interior Iron & Steel Doors in Georgia

One simple way to enhance the aesthetic and value is by incorporating different types of interior iron doors and steel doors. Pinky's Iron Doors offers a wide variety; however, some top picks for your Georgia residence are here.

Sliding Doors

sliding doors

One of the most common types of houses since the 19th century in Georgia has been the central hallway. This type of house has, as the name suggests, a central hallway between two main rooms. Such a pattern can be a little cramped. Therefore the addition of Pinky's Sliding iron doors or steel doors is the thing you need. They are great space savers, and their intricate design makes rooms look more spacious while adding a stylish edge to the overall aesthetic.

Bi-Fold Doors

Whether you're looking for steel doors or iron doors for an area like the patio, you can always opt for Pinky's Bi-fold doors. They can be skillfully folded to create more space and are unique to your house. These will be a great element if your house has a bungalow or ranch design.

Pivot Doors

Pivot or hinged doors are an age-old option that people take. However, their pivot takes up a great amount of space. Classic steel or iron pivot door might be a great addition if you have the space for it. They are simple, unique, and extremely stylish. Pivot iron doors or steel doors would work great in bedroom spaces or closet spaces.

Dutch Doors

Even though winters are short-lived in Georgia, having a little bit of sun in the house is always a great and healthy addition. If you're someone who enjoys a little bit of sunlight dancing on the floors of your house, then you can opt for Dutch doors for areas such as the backdoor in your kitchen. It gives entry to sunlight and functions in a beneficial manner, especially if you have kids and pets to care of. Whether you opt for Dutch iron doors or Dutch steel doors in Georgia, they will only add to your aesthetics.

Exterior Wrought Iron Doors

People often underestimate the importance of having a stylish, impressionable, and sturdy entrance door. A good exterior door will accentuate the curb appeal of your property, therefore increasing the overall value of your property. Here are some of Pinky's best exterior wrought iron doors for Georgia.

Double Arch Iron Doors

double arch iron doors

If you visit century-old houses, you will often find grand entrances that open into even bigger hallways and Victorian rooms. While houses aren't as grand today as they used to be, you can still add a grandeur by picking out the right type of iron doors. Choosing Pinky's double-arch iron doors will add grandeur to the entrance of your house, making it look grand and more luxurious than it already is.

Flat Top Iron Doors

Pinky's has a solution for everyone; for people who want the impressionable grand entrances, they have arched doors; others have flat top iron doors. If your house in Georgia is simple and cozy and you want to keep it that way, then adding a flat top front iron door will be best for you. Flat top iron doors come in several designs and can be customized according to the customer's demands and requirements. Whether you opt for a double flat-top door or a single one – it will add elegance and simplicity to your curb.

Iron Doors with Sidelights

A perfectly decorated house can start looking dull if there isn't enough natural light. For your house in Georgia to incorporate iron doors that give access to natural sunlight. Pinky's can help you out with this one; they have iron doors with sidelights that enable natural light to fall into the house's hallways. Whether you choose a simple flat top iron door Georgia with sidelights or a double arch iron door with sidelights, it is sure to brighten up your place instantly!

Iron doors at Pinky's are multi-purpose; they can be used for the interior of your Georgia residence; they can also add a grandeur to the entrance of your house. Similarly, our steel door Georgia can give you a sleek look you have always wanted for your house. For more information or to place an order, reach out to us, and we will take care of your door worries!

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