Iron Doors Near Atlanta: A Complete Guide For Choosing Beautiful Iron Doors

Many homeowners looking to upgrade their investment might be wondering: "What makes iron doors so special?" It could be the way their open design lets sunlight flood the home, making for a breathtaking ambiance. Perhaps it’s their strength, quality, and durability that puts them ahead of many other styles. Others may find its intricate ornaments improve the aesthetics of any home.

At PINKYS, we say it's all this and more. Your iron door should give you the protection you need while still breaking down design barriers.

Our high-grade architectural elements were inspired by the energizing beat of the city of Los Angeles - palpable, inviting, expansive, and ethereal.

Why not bring a little bit of that Los Angeles energy to your home in Atlanta Georgia? Both cities are buzzing with life and a rich, invigorating cultural scene. This makes them a perfect match.

To top it all off, wrought iron doors can be an amazing addition to any home, boosting both the interior and exterior aesthetic when you're using PINKYS.

Here, we'll take a look at what to look for when choosing an iron door for your Atlanta Georgia home and also the benefits of having one.

What Makes an Iron Door Special: The Ins and Outs of Choosing an Iron Door in Atlanta

Like purchasing other architectural elements, you'll want to consider everything when it comes to iron doors. How does your door stand up to harsh weather? Can you picture light streaming through the glass panes? An iron door should elevate the space, complement your home's aesthetics, and break down barriers while still offering needed protection.

With iron doors, there are many styles to choose from. Ideally, potential owners should consider the type of iron, glass panes, hardware considerations, engraving styles, and shape. Be sure to get quotes and compare for the best option.

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Quality First: Why the Type of Iron Matters

You want your iron doors to last a long time. Sure, they look elegant and beautiful, but they also need to be durable, especially if you're using them for your entry doors. Iron is naturally strong, secure, and resistant. However, the type of iron used in your doors plays a huge role.

It affects longevity, weather resistance, and overall beauty over the ages. Expert craftsmen pay extra attention to this aspect.

For example, pure wrought iron doors are different from cast iron and steel. Though they might look similar, they actually have different standards of strength and quality. Some base their quality levels on purity too. If you're buying an iron door, make sure to ask about the type as wrought iron is your best option.

The heavier a door is, the chances are that more iron has been used in the manufacturing process. It might make it harder for installation, but it definitely adds to the quality. While iron quality is the foundation, it doesn't make up the whole door.

Glass Panes on Iron Doors: How to Let the Light In

Iron doors allow you to bathe your home in warm light. Most of them contain glass panes in different formations, depending on the iron framing. Choosing the right fit for your Atlanta home can make all the difference. Both types of glass, and shape should be a general concern. Of course, this all depends on your priorities. Double-paned glass is great for insulation. In this option, two layers are divided by a space. The result? Better sound and heat insulation.

Other homeowners might prefer tempered glass for safety. If these panes break, they'll just shatter into little granular pieces that can't really hurt anyone. Still others may prefer old-fashioned clear glass panes. These offer the most visibility. Whichever style you choose, your front wrought iron doors will become more than just a point of entry. They'll also unveil the beautiful landscape in front of your home.

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Other than pane type, you want to think about the actual glass shape too. PINKYS offers both single and double iron doors with both arched and square panes to make the perfect fit. The shape will depend on the space you have for the doors available, as well as the iron frame shape. Contact PINKYS for a free custom quote to get started.

Setting Your Home Apart: Choosing the Best Aesthetics for Iron Doors

Building the best iron doors is more than just selecting the glass type and iron quality. Bringing the necessary hardware elements together requires artistic vision and going that extra mile. Fortunately, there is a wide range of iron door styles out there. Some can visually transport you to the enchanting rolling hills of a Tuscany landscape, while others are more geometrical and modern. Still others give off a more contemporary, streamlined, and sleek appeal, with minimal ornaments. Your final choice will depend on your personal style.

You'll be able to recognize these door styles by the iron embellishments surrounding the iron frame, often adding a touch of elegance. For example, Tucson-style iron doors have old-world, Mediterranean-style swirls, scrollwork, and intricate patterns. Other variations might have Spanish, Greek, and Roman influences. More modern wrought iron doors will use bold, geometrical shapes and lines with a combination of more glass. These options are wide-ranging since the craftsman is able to experiment.

Contemporary style iron doors use fewer ornaments and larger glass panes for an overall minimalistic, yet sleek appeal. Their beauty comes alive when the sun comes through the wide glass panes, lighting up the entire interior. Many other styles have different design ideas but the designer has still worked on finishing touches and additional modern scrollwork for elegance and decorative effect.

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Choosing a Superb Shape for Your Atlanta Wrought Iron Door

Besides just going with styles, glass, and other aspects, you might want to think about the shape of a wrought iron door with a custom build. The swoop of the curve on arched entryways and the openness of flat tops all play a huge role if you want to add curb appeal.

That's why PINKYS iron doors have the main shapes you need for the perfect aesthetic. The shape you choose says a whole lot about your home's character. You want your entryway to be mesmerizing, drawing in your guests and contributing to your home's overall beauty.

PINKYS offers a wide range of single and double-arched wrought iron doors. This choice gives your entryway a certain grand and sophisticated impression. Your iron entry will also be reminiscent of the sunbaked villas in Spain since arches are primarily a Mediterranean stylistic influence. Overall, arched iron doors create a distinct air of playfulness, sophistication, and softness.

Others might prefer PINKYS flat top wrought iron doors. They give off an overall direct, clean, streamlined, and contemporary feeling. They're simple, minimalistic, and unembellished. The special thing about them is that they can easily blend in with just about any interior or exterior, often elevating the whole space. They're not just an additional element, they're part of the whole home. While both are versatile, and adaptable, if you’re in doubt as to which will suit your home best, go with the simple flat top.

Dutch doors are another option for those who want an extra feature. This style has a distinctive split, allowing users to open the upper half of the door while keeping the bottom half closed, or vice versa. It gives a distinct, old-world charm that was present in European homes for centuries.

If one of these doors is your style, then contact PINKYS for a custom quote.

Hardware and Other Considerations When Buying an Iron Door for Your Home in the Atlanta Metro Area

Now that we've covered all the major parts of choosing your iron door, we can move on to the little details that can set your entry doors apart from the rest. While small, hardware considerations are a testament to craftsmanship, they can also make the difference between a subpar and beautiful door.

For example, check to see if your doors are compatible with both door knobs and levers. While door knobs might be the more traditional state, levers might be a bit easier to operate efficiently, especially if you have limited hand strength. At PINKYS, you'll be able to choose whichever door knob or lever you prefer, as this part of the process comes after installation. Each door has a cut-out knob hole so you can choose your preferred option. Also, consider the right style of hinges. Since iron doors are much heavier, they require larger hinges that can hold their weight properly.

Iron doors are durable on their own, but they should also be resistant to weather conditions and harsher temperatures. To ensure this, many craftsmen will coat the iron doors with zinc to improve resistance among other things.

PINKYS Iron Doors: All the Above and More

Sometimes, iron doors can have all the above-mentioned elements but still won't quite hit the mark. At PINKYS, our iron doors are more than just the sum of their individual elements. Each entryway is about creating infinite opportunities for your home and the people who live in it. With PINKYS, you have a wide range of styles to choose from, each breathing new life into your home and mimicking the ethereal atmosphere of the sunset.

Why Choosing an Iron Door Can Change Your Atlanta Home

There are plenty of unique design ideas that would go well with your home. However, choosing the right iron door should be at the top of your list for many reasons. Overall, you'll want to consider aesthetics as well as functionality and quality. When all the elements come together, you have the perfect piece. Sure, wrought iron doors can provide an entryway to your beautiful home, but let's see what else they can do.

Establish Harmony With the Surrounding Scenery

Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant metropolis. The birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, home to one of the world’s busiest airports, and the base of a thriving hip-hop scene, there's always something to do and see.

PINKYS iron doors were inspired by the rhythm of a similar city. That's why our glass panes allow you to see into the beauty outside your home. Once you're finished installing your wrought iron doors, you'll have complete visibility of your neighborhood. In this way, the view becomes another element of your interior. This additional visibility also fills the home with natural light, making the space feel altogether warm and inviting.

Atlanta Wrought Iron Doors Make Easy Cleaning and Less Maintenance

Iron doors aren't just modern, durable, and secure options. Custom wrought iron doors are also very convenient options because they require relatively easy cleaning and maintenance. For example, the window panes don't need any more maintenance than regular windows might. As for the frames, iron products are generally scratch and dirt-resistant. Just make sure to check if any gunk has accumulated around the joints.

Iron Entry Doors are an Elegant Solution for Any Atlanta Home

The thing about contemporary and sleek-looking iron doors from PINKYS is that they can fit with almost any type of interior or exterior. They blend in, rather than overpower the space, but still act as a unique entry point. If you're thinking about an iron entry door in Georgia, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a safe option when it comes to overall aesthetics. Every option will be able to match your preferred style. This is especially true if you have other iron products like iron gates or even a wine cellar.

Add Curb Appeal With the Details

There are many smart ways to improve your home's overall value and curb appeal. While it might seem like a small detail, new wrought iron doors can make all the difference. This is often overlooked, but things like windows, iron entry doors, and elegant landscaping work together perfectly. It doesn't matter if you go for custom iron doors or stock options. Adding this simple touch to your home's exterior can significantly boost its value.

Frequent Customization Options

When it comes to iron doors, you want to choose between custom and stock options. Many companies offer a wide range of styles, so you might feel there’s no need to pay a larger price for more custom pieces. However, selecting the right one and installing it can make it seem like a piece of art based on your specific taste. This allows you to go the extra mile. For example, Tucson-style swirls might add a bit of sophistication, while contemporary styles might open up the room much more.

Weather Resistant, Strong, and Durable: The Perfect Blend Between Functionality and Aesthetics

When you're going for a new front door, you won't be just thinking about aesthetics. Security, strength, and durability are other prime concerns. Let's take a closer look at some of the door material options and their durability levels in terms of resistance:

  • Wood doors- A traditional option that is generally safe and reliable. While hardwood options are generally better than softwood, they still fall short in terms of durability. Wood isn't the most weather-resistant option and this entry door material is prone to rotting and warping over time.
  • Aluminum - Although somewhat rarer, aluminum doors are a great option because they offer insulation, strength, and durability. However, they're also prone to denting. This is generally a weakness of aluminum options although they offer a sleek contemporary appeal.
  • Steel - Many think that steel is the toughest option out there. While very strong with a foam core, steel doors generally are more prone to rusting if they're scratched. The door may last a long time, but you can end up compromising aesthetics in the long run.
  • Plexiglass - Another very strong option, plexiglass can still be prone to scratching. Even certain durable glass options (like tempered glass) might be better than this material. This door material is still great because of its resistance to warping, and discoloration, and is generally good for insulation.
  • Glass - While fully glass doors aren't the most traditional options for entryways, they're an amazing element when combined with iron. Many types of glass are available including tempered glass for safety and clear glass that gives you full visibility. In terms of durability, multi-layered panes are your best option.
  • Iron - There's a reason why PINKYS focuses on iron doors as well as steel options. They're just as durable and tough, making them great options for entry doors. Iron is especially resistant to harsh weather conditions and is generally a great insulator. To top it off, iron is versatile. Some use the material for solid body doors, while others have more decorative design ideas. In any case, there's an iron door for any homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia.

Chose PINKYS for Your Atlanta Home

The best iron doors have all of the elements listed above and more. Next to being the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, they also stand out from other options.

PINKYS iron doors are made to invite the light in, flooding your interior with an ethereal, warm glow. All of our doors are made with high attention to detail. Every joint, pane, and aspect was made to reflect a higher standard towards architectural elements that deserve to be in your home.

PINKYS epitomizes the interplay of elements between the internal and the external. In other words, we bring the horizon straight to your home. Contact us to get a free quote!

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