Iron Doors to Complement Wrightian Style Houses

Wrightian-style homes get their name from renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The architecture is predominantly dependent on vertical and horizontal lines. You can also see the usage of stone and other natural materials that give the building a solid look. If you’ve got a Wrightian-style house with horizontal lines, prominent slab-like roofs, balcony parapets, wood sidings, and downward inclined piers, modern iron doors will be a good fit for your exterior aesthetic.

If you’re looking to add interior and exterior iron doors to your home, here are our top picks that’ll go well with your Indiana home’s design:

A Single Flat Iron Door For A Modest Exterior Facing

If you don’t have ample entry space and need something subtle to complement your home's architectural style, a single flat iron door can do wonders. Its elegant aesthetic and dark color will make a bold statement against your exterior colors. You can opt for clear or detailed glass panels to control the light flow and visibility.

Clear glass panels will allow light to enter your hallway if your Indiana home faces the sun's direction from the East or the West. And you’ll be able to see the beautiful view from the front yard garden and entryway as you walk by. With detailed translucent glass, your hallway will get a distinct glow from the natural light, but it won't directly pierce your home interior. It’ll also give you a privacy screen so anybody passing by can’t see inside.

A Single Flat Iron Door With Sidelights To Light Up The Interior

Iron doors go great with Wrightian-style homes. If you’re looking to allow extra light into your interior living space, install an iron door with some sidelights and arched windows. The elegant workmanship and affordable design will elevate your exterior even more. And the sidelights with classic clear glass panels will illuminate your hallway and sitting area with natural sunlight making your Indiana home glow during the day.

Naturally, illuminated homes feel and look bigger. If you want a unique and expansive iron door design for your front entry door that allows natural lighting, an iron door with sidelights is the way to go.

Bi-Fold Accordion Doors For The Patio

If you’ve enclosed your home within a boundary and have a garden all around the house, patio doors are a great option. These doors generally let you access the yard from a sitting room or a living room and make a great alternative to installing windows. Bi-fold accordion iron doors are equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass panels in a sleek black frame. The dark frame color and clear glass panels add a stark relief to neutral colors and Wrightian-style home designs.

The large glass panels will flood your home with natural light at all hours of the day. You can also take in the beautiful view from the yard as you go about your day. And if you decide to chill out near sunset, you can swing the door open, pull up a coffee chair, and catch up on some reading as the sky changes colors near sunset, providing a new natural painting panorama each day.

Double Flat Iron Doors For The Backyard

If you’re all set for your front yard entrances and front entry doors, it’s time to explore the option for backyard entrances. Keep in mind if you've got kids or do barbeques with friends and family all the time, you need doors and doorway space that’ll allow an inflatable pool or toys, barbeque grill, chairs, or tables to pass through easily. You’ll also need doors that allow easy movement and can be operated easily by children.

If you’re looking for something along these lines, double flat iron doors with full-frame glass panels will suit your Wrightian-style Indiana home quite well. The large glass panel will illuminate your hallway and neighboring rooms. And allow you to watch children while you organize the house and move around during the day.

Double Mini Arch Doors For Interior Entrances

If you’re looking for interior doors to install for your living room, study, or sitting room to separate the space, but subtly, these double mini arch iron doors will do wonders for your Wrightian-style Indiana home interior. These doors have a solid iron frame with top-to-bottom classic clear glass panels. The mini arch adds a whimsical touch to the otherwise solid vertical and horizontal lines in your home. It can also be a complementary relief to all the stark rigidity of the house structure.

The iron door will separate the living spaces but keep them connected through unobstructed views. You’ll be able to see all the décor and furnishings, but if you intend to light up the fireplace or turn on the air conditioner in that room, you’ll be able to do so without changing the temperature in the rest of the house.

Find Elegant And Decorative Iron Doors For Your Indiana Home

Now that you know how to style up your Wrightian-style Indiana home with iron doors, you can find designs that’ll complement your interior and exterior and impress any visitor. Iron doors, due to their elegance and stark presence, elevate the Wrightian architecture.

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