Summer Home Improvements Charleston Homeowners Should Know About

Are you bored of the way your house currently looks? Do you wish to transform your space this summer and make it stand out? You’ve come to the right place!

a modern kitchen

We’ve outlined some of the most popular summer home improvements that can make your Charleston house look spectacular. The best part? You can use our steel and iron doors alongside these improvements to enhance the overall effect. Our entry doors are perfect for interior and exterior spaces and can help you make the most of your summer renovations.

Let’s get started.

Add a Walk-In Pantry to Your Kitchen

Kitchen upgrades are among the most popular home improvements. Your home design can benefit one way or another through a new installation, new flooring or wall tiles, or other upgrades that improve the aesthetic value and functionality of the space. Since the kitchen is one of the most widely used areas in a home, it doesn’t hurt to spruce it up and breathe new life into it.

One great way to enhance your kitchen space is by including a walk-in pantry in your home design. This is a small storage space connected to the kitchen where you can keep your groceries, appliances, and other kitchen essentials. Many homeowners dismiss the need for a walk-in pantry, assuming their kitchen cabinets and shelves are enough to store items. While these are good storage options for things you frequently use or need near you when preparing meals, they shouldn’t be treated as your primary storage options.

a pantry door

A walk-in pantry allows you greater storage space. You can easily organize all your food items and other kitchen essentials in one place. A walk-in pantry is particularly useful for storing non-perishable items, reducing your grocery store runs, and helping you keep your pantry stocked. You can also use the space to store cooking utensils, appliances, and other non-food items that you don’t use too often.

Additionally, a centralized storage space makes things a lot more convenient. You don’t have to spend several minutes rearranging your kitchen cabinets or countertops. Instead, you can simply place the different items in their designated spaces. Moreover, adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen space is a great way to enhance your home value. Make sure you add a high-quality steel door with glass panels or an iron door to finish off the look in style.

Revamp Your Outdoor Space with a Patio

If you have outdoor space and haven’t utilized it yet, it’s time to build a patio. Patios are among the top features buyers look out for when they’re searching for homes in Charleston. Trust us; having a patio in your home will significantly enhance your property’s market value and make it more appealing to buyers. After all, who doesn’t want a cozy, private, outdoor space where they can hang out peacefully?

This summer renovation is also a great idea if you’re fond of outdoor dinners and barbecues. With July 4th right around the corner, having a designated outdoor space where you can grill hamburgers and barbecue some ribs is nothing short of a treat. You can add a fire pit, electric grills, picnic tables, and other equipment to make your patio the ideal outdoor dining space. Building a patio is also a good idea if you have a small kitchen connected to the outdoor space. You can take some of your cooking outside, using the kitchen for other meal prep processes.

a patio door


Aside from facilitating cooking, a patio is also a great opportunity to spend time outdoors. You can use your outdoor space to enjoy the weather, host gatherings, or just marvel at the view. Besides, it’s a good way to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Make your renovation count by adding the right patio door to your exterior space. You can check out our vast collection of patio doors, which includes sliding doors, French doors, and barn doors. Choose one that best complements your home design and aesthetic.

Build a Wine Cellar

Gone are the days when having a wine cellar at your house was considered a status symbol. These spaces are becoming more and more common in Charleston homes to allow wine enthusiasts to build and showcase their collections.

If you like consuming—or brewing—wine, you need to build a wine cellar at your Charleston residence. A wine cellar is a perfect way to store your wine collection, ensuring that it’s placed in an environment that preserves and enhances the flavors. Many modern homes include wine cellars, making them especially popular among wine enthusiasts. If your home doesn’t have one, now’s the time for an upgrade!

Having a wine cellar also comes in handy when you’re hosting dinner guests or have other wine enthusiasts over. You can even arrange your own wine tasting ceremonies! Since wines are perishable and need specific environmental conditions to stay unharmed, having a wine cellar can ensure your wine doesn’t spoil, and you can store it for several years.

a wine cellar door

Make sure you add the right entry door for your wine cellar. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we provide a collection of wine cellar doors to help homeowners preserve and store their wine collection.

Buy the Best Entry Doors for Your Charleston Home

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