Iron Vs. Steel Doors: What Compliments the Interior of Your Georgia House?

When you're living in a state where the weather is all year round, when the winter is short-lived, and the sun is warm and welcoming – what are you doing to enjoy it? The best part about Georgia is that even if you don't have the time to head to a public park or go for a brisk walk in the sun; you can still find ways to enjoy the sun and moderate weather.

One great way to do that is to make sure your house is exposed to the natural sunlight, and air. You can kick back with a good book in the backyard of the house – or even better, you can opt for interior doors that let in some natural light.

There are several ways to switch up the interior of the house, let’s explore some of those common ways here!

3 Ways to Switch Up the Interior

You can become increasingly bored of the same walls, décor, and furniture if you’ve been living in the same place for a long time. If you’re bored of the interior of your house, don’t worry, there are several ways that you can jazz up the interior. Let’s explore!

Add a Pop of Color

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of making changes to the interior of the house, is adding a new color to the house. One great way to do that is to refresh old paint to give it a cleaner and newer look. You can even add a little vibrancy with the help of bright color for one of the walls.

Change Furniture & Fixtures

The interior of the house can become dull if you’ve been living in it for a while. Among the many things you can do to change how the house looks, is to replace old furniture & fixtures.

Add Modern Doors

Most houses in the state of Georgia are still hosting wooden doors for their entrance and interior. If you want to give the interior of your house a modern look, the best bet would be to replace old traditional doors with modern ones. Choosing steel doors and iron doors can do the trick. These doors are stylish and elegant, and make way for a lot of light and space.

Popular Interior Door Options

Finding the right door can become a troublesome task, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. We’ve put together some common interior door options for you to choose from. Let’s begin!

Pocket Steel Doors

When we talk about limited spaces, and modern doors the first option that would serve both purposes would be a pocket steel door. Pocket doors are a great option for spaces with limited room. These doors deposit into adjoining walls in a cavity that is created at the time of installing the door. It requires no hinge or pivot to move around.

Bi-fold Iron Doors



Bi-fold or accordion iron doors are a great addition to your patio area. For people who love hosting parties within their own house, having accordion doors on the patio can give them extra space when the crowd gets too big to contain in the living room of the house.

You can open the bi-fold doors to the side, and let the guests spill into the backyard with ease.

Sliding Steel Doors

If your heart is set on getting steel doors for the house, you could always try sliding doors. These doors move along a casement and require no hinge or pivot to operate. They save tons of space and give you a sleek, stylish, and elegant look.

Dutch Doors


For that extra natural light and fresh Georgian breeze, you could incorporate a Dutch iron door for the back of your kitchen. Dutch doors are split in the middle, and add a bit of extra functionality by giving you the option to operate both or one half of the door at a time.

French Iron Doors

French iron doors are a great way to make any part of your house stand out. Whether you use French doors for the entrance, the study room, or a home office – these doors give you the option to make any space stylish, sleek, and elegant.

Barn Doors


Add a little countryside to the house with the use of barn doors. You can install these doors in the pantry, dining room, or wine cellars. Wherever you use them, they are a great addition to the overall house.

Whether you’re in search of a good quality steel door or an attractive iron door – you can find it all at Pinky’s Iron Doors. They have a wide collection of iron and steel doors that you can choose from. Get in touch with the brand and get your customized door, today!

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