Which Iron Doors and Steel Doors Would Work Great with Different House Styles in Mississippi?

As a homeowner, the most difficult thing to do is decorate your house without going overboard. The best way to make investments that pay off is to pay attention to the needs of the house.


Instead of spending luxuriously on anything that catches your eye, it’s important to make changes that are due for ease of living and functionality. For example, if you’re getting bored of the way your house looks you can either repaint the interior walls, or replace old doors with newer, stylish ones. While most people would choose repainting as their go-to option – the smarter decision would be to replace doors.

Door replacements will last longer, add more aesthetic appeal, and add a touch of modernism in your house. Although replacing doors seems like an easy thing to do, it can be really tricky. It’s important to select a door that fits the overall aesthetic of your house.

If you live in an apartment, you won’t spend too much money on the front gate, instead make the inside of your apartment more attractive. However, if you live in a huge house around the neighborhood, chances are you will want to up the driveway game.

While selecting interior steel and iron doors can be tricky – you need to understand the space, the layout of the house, and the architecture to pick the perfect house. Keep reading to learn more about the type of iron and steel doors that you can add in your house.

Federal-Style Houses

When looking for the perfect door, you need to understand the structure and the overall aesthetic of the house. One of the most common house styles include federal-style houses. These are comparatively older in origin, but somehow, various neighborhoods around Mississippi still have these houses.


Federal-style houses were one of the first proper architectural style. The designs were loosely based on British architecture with oval windows, tall roods, and intricate wood work around in various parts of the house. If you’re wondering which doors would fit perfectly for these kind of houses, here are our top picks:

French Iron Doors

French iron doors are a great way to make your driveway and front door noticeable. These doors are simple, have intricate work on them, and support glass panels that make the house brighter.

Sliding Steel Doors

Sliding steel doors can be a great addition to a federal style house, especially for areas such as dining rooms, home offices, and more.

Italianate Style Houses

Another common form of architecture found in Mississippi is the Italianate style. These houses were originally built for the first time in the US in the late 1840s, and they brought with them a change in the overall architectural game.

Italianate style homes were inspired by the great architecture all over Italy. These buildings, homes, and other forms of architecture included fancy details. Most of these homes are supported low pitched roofs, large eaves, and had arches above doors and windows. The arches over the door gave them a grander look, and added some elegance.

Double Arch Iron Doors

With arches shadowing the door and window cavities, a double arch iron door would be the perfect pick for Italianate style houses. Double arch doors have large glass panels that let in natural light. For added grandeur, you can add sidelights to make the entrance appear larger.


Steel Pivot Doors

While the structure may be centuries old, there’s no harm in adding a modern touch to the overall aesthetic. Pivot steel doors are the perfect minimalistic addition to an Italian themed house. Pivot doors rotate in whichever way you deem fit, and are a great way to make the house look spacious, larger, and more open.

Victorian Vernacular Style

The architecture of Mississippi is largely affected by architectural trends in the British areas. Another British inspired architectural wonder is the Victorian vernacular style homes.

Victorian Vernacular Style homes are square shaped and have several symmetrical shapes and intricacies that set the architecture apart. They use a range of several types of designs and details, and mostly work on a “L” shaped floor plan.

The interiors of the house are more open, spacious, and give you more room to become creative about the interior decorating choices you make. To incorporate the right kind of steel doors and iron doors, here are some options you can explore.

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