Is Iron Door Better Than Wood?

If you're wondering, "Is iron door better than wood?" read on. The benefits of a quality iron door are numerous. They're fire resistant, reduce energy loss, and increase your home's value. They last longer, require less maintenance than wood doors and increase the security of your home. Here are a few reasons to choose an iron door. And remember that iron is also a great option for your front door.

Why is Wood Doors Not the Best Choice?

  • Easily Damaged

Wood doors are more prone to damage. Unlike steel doors, wood doors are easy to break and disfigure. Those with an ax or other tools can ruin them, and strong storms tarnish their appearance. Wind debris can cause a door to break and allow rain, sand, and other detritus to seep inside. The only downside to a wood door is that it is a little more expensive than an iron one.

  • Less Maintenance

Iron doors require less maintenance. The more damage resistant they are, the less they need to be repaired. That means less money for you in the long run. Iron doors also increase the security of your property. Because they are stronger, they're much harder to break than wood. You don't have to worry about insects eating away at the wood or moisture warping the material. In addition, iron doors look great in any room.

  • Security

One of the biggest differences between wood and iron doors is security. While wood doors can be opened manually, they're not as secure as an iron doors. Wooden doors are easier to break, but it'll take much longer to destroy an iron door completely. However, a steel door is more secure and offers energy efficiency. So, which is better? You'll have to decide. And make sure you know which one to go for.

  • Style

One of the best advantages of an iron door is that it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire house. It's uncommon for wooden doors to contain windows, and the iron doors will allow more natural light into the home. These advantages can improve the market value of your home and increase its value. Besides, you'll enjoy enhanced security and better natural lighting. And iron doors don't get scratched as easily as wood ones.

  • Versatile Entrance

Iron doors are a great choice if you're looking for a beautiful, timeless entrance to your home. They have a timeless grace and show you've thought about the design and materials. If you're concerned about security, iron doors are a good choice. But remember that there are pros and cons to choosing each material. While one might be better than the other, consider your budget and security needs before you make your final decision.

  • Cost

The biggest drawback of a wood door is its cost. Wrought iron doors are extremely expensive and may be too heavy for your budget. However, they will last for many years and add to the value of your home. Plus, they're durable and won't rot or break. And they will last longer than wood or fiberglass. In addition, wood doors will never need replacing. Aside from that, they're also more expensive than their counterparts.

Last Words

The pros of an iron door over a wooden one are numerous. Although they're not cheap, they're still a worthwhile investment. They're more resistant to moisture, fire, and rot and are far easier to install than wood doors. A wood door is much less likely to dent, whereas a metal door can be more brittle so that a wooden one may last longer. The pros outweigh the cons.

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