Keeping Your Home’s Interior Arrangements Simple

In the aftermath of the larger-than-life interior design of the ‘80s and the cluttered mundanity of the ‘90s; home design has moved onto clean, simple spaces and decoration rather than overloading a space with too many elements or statement pieces.

There’s been immense emphasis on clean and well-organized homes that experts like Marie Kondo have put on decluttering and clearing space. Now, it’s time for us to think about how to accomplish a cleaner home layout with the way we design our homes in the first place.

For us, wrought iron doors and black steel doors are the key to creating clean lines and spaces in your home.

Get Rid of the Curves

This one may sound odd but humor us for a minute. Take a good look at your home’s exterior and interior and try to notice how many straight lines there are and how many curves. Curved windows, doors, sofas, tables, wall hangings and vases are just some examples of items that could be making your interior look outdated.

In 2020, straight lines and geometric shapes are making a comeback, precisely because they give your home a fresh, simple appeal. For example, switching out your wooden entryway with a cool, crisp looking steel frame door with square panes in black. Even this small change will switch up the lines in your house.

Creating the Illusion of Openness

In homes today, cozy small rooms are out, and the feeling of clear open space is back on trend. Instead of adding comfortable plushy sofas or solid dark wooden paneling or doors, stick to whitewashed walls and iron doors with glass that you can look through.

If you don’t feel safe having clear glass on your iron entry door, you can switch it out with frosted glass or any one of our other glass customizations like Flemish or rain glass.

Get Innovative with Steel Windows

Have you considered the kind of home space you can create by using black steel windows in new and exciting ways? With a little bit of remodeling, you can open up some space near the ceiling with clerestory-style exterior steel windows or even awning hopper windows to let some natural light in.

You could even create an entire glass wall with fixed factory style steel windows paired with an industrial style steel door to create an opening. Whether you want to incorporate this as a room divider or for the back end on the house, this method works wonderfully to get rid of closed wall spaces.

Iron Patio Doors for Larger Spaces

Of course, the most classic option for enlarging the space of your house is looking at some patio door options. While black steel French doors are always a classic option, you may want to look at some sliding steel doors or pocket steel doors instead. You could even install a bi-fold or accordion door to be able to fully merge the outdoor and indoor spaces. 

All of our modern iron doors incorporate the straight line and clean-cut style, unless specified otherwise, especially the Air Series! Check out our wrought iron doors and black steel doors in Los Angeles, California at our showroom or shop for affordable iron doors at our website. We deliver nationwide!


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