Referencing Historical Design with Wrought Iron Doors

Over the years, traditional, vintage interior design has continued to stay in vogue. There’s something about regal door design and intricate scrollwork that’s still just as mesmerizing today as it was centuries ago.

If you’ve been on the lookout for wrought iron doors that are emblematic of historical design, we’ve rounded up our favorites to help you get started.

Iron Entry Doors with Ornate Scrollwork


When incorporating historical elements into modern door design, retaining the perfect balance is essential. Our iron entry doors feature ornate scrollwork that’s reminiscent of the stunning French doors of the 1800s.

With rich scrollwork, vintage iron French doors were dripping in grandeur, elegance, and stateliness. They were larger in size than the variations we see today. While they’ve lost their palatial touch, they’ve gained a modern touch that’s perfect for today’s interior design preferences.

Vintage Iron Front Doors with Modern Aquatex Glass


If you’re looking for a pair of versatile doors that offer the best of both worlds, indulge in a set of vintage iron front doors that feature gorgeous scrollwork and aquatex glass. The matte black finishing and aquatex glass will contemporize your home while the detailed scrollwork will infuse your space with vintage sophistication.

We suggest keeping the interior entryway minimalist and fresh to balance the historical design and finishing of the doors. Opt for an energizing palette to uplift your space. However, feel free to experiment with more historical elements like artwork and accessories. As long as you don’t go overboard with the color scheme, you can add more vintage touches to your space.

Classic Double Wrought Iron Doors


Known for their expansiveness and detailed scrollwork, double wrought iron doors are a visual treat. They do justice to the resplendence of vintage doors by meeting their spatial requirements. Owing to their versatility, double iron doors fit seamlessly into a wide range of interior spaces—modern, minimalist, bohemian, transitional, rustic, vintage, and more.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, texturize your exterior walls to bolster your home’s curb appeal. You’ll also manage to emphasize the vintage touches and make your home appear more grandiose and elaborate.

Arched Double Wrought Iron Doors


While classic double iron doors are easily one of the most popular wrought iron door styles, arched variations have also become increasingly popular recently. Based on your preferences and residential style, you can choose fully arched or semi-arched double wrought iron doors. Both options are incredibly versatile and stand out from a distance.

Style your entryway by opting for unique brickwork that’s a nod to historical brick design. You can also opt for vintage exterior accessories like light fixtures, wall clocks, and customized pots.  

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