How to Style Black Steel Windows In Your Home

While you may have installed the perfect pair of wrought iron entry doors, leaving your windows untouched can take a toll on the overall appeal of your property. Windows and doors collectively add character to your home and make it appear more compelling.

If you’re still making do with outdated, bleak, and nondescript windows, you may want to make a quick switch. Consider looking into modern exterior steel windows for inspiration.

In the meantime, here’s a guide to help you style your new arrivals like a pro.

Lighting Is the Best Accessory

Black steel windows are a showstopper as they are; they don’t need any retouching. When it comes to styling them, embellishing the surrounding space is your best bet. And what better way to breathe life into your new windows than by creating a powerful exterior light show?

Simplicity is key here. Avoid going overboard and avoid playing it too safe. We suggest indulging in modern LED light fixtures that don’t take up too much space and allow your windows to be the star of the show. Make sure they radiate a soft, heady glow that beautifully envelops your exterior space and makes it look enchanting.

Opt for Unique Custom Windows That Instantly Catch the Eye

Are you constantly sticking to the rulebook when it comes to residential design and décor? While following certain rules is a great way to add balance and sophistication to your space, you can’t use one-size-fits-all strategies each time.

Each home is different. Depending on your residential style and aesthetic, it’s very likely that a bit of experimentation will pay off.

Inch out of your comfort zone and let your creative juices flow! We’ve been loving the look and feel of custom steel windows that are personalized with the residential scheme in mind. A cut above the rest, custom windows don’t follow the rules and have a mind of their own. This ends up working wonders and makes your space stand out from the crowd.

Opt for a unique opening/closing mechanism, structure, and design. You’ll be taken aback by the difference.

Pair the Matte Black Finishing With Vivid Colors

Modern steel frame windows look twice as compelling when paired with vibrant, eye-catching colors. Paint the walls fiery orange to balance the minimalist look of your windows.

Make sure you opt for earthy tones like brick orange, deep emerald green, auburn, or deep brown. Anything that deviates from this scheme will make your home appear overdone. Earthy tones appear natural and blend in seamlessly despite how bright the shade may be. In comparison, if you opt for electric blue or purple, your home will appear garish.

Choose the perfect hue and get painting!

Let Light, Modern Curtains Do the Trick

Curtains beautifully revamp interior spaces without disturbing the integrity of the overall scheme. If you want your windows to stand out but aren’t ready to make drastic changes, indulge in light, crisp curtains in hushed tones. They’ll accessorize your windows and complement your interior design and décor instead of disturbing it. Accessorize factory-style steel windows with frothy, floating curtains to unlock residential elegance.

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