Going Old School With Wrought Iron and Steel Doors

Although the pressure to redesign your home with contemporary iron doors and modern fittings is intense, it’s okay to want to preserve the All-American goodness of traditional doors in your home.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to go back to plain wood, and the constant maintenance and damage associated with it. Instead, here’s some inspiration for incorporating our wrought iron doors and black steel doors into your traditional home design.

Heavy Frames and Double Doors — Air 19 Double Flat

With thick iron paneling that forms a robust frame for the square glass cutouts to rest in, the Air 19 Double Flat (also available as a single iron door) is the kind of door that presents a strong and sturdy façade to anyone who walks by your home front.

This design combines the rustic basic design of industrial-style steel doors with the robust shape and material of a traditional upper-class manse. This design combined with our classic craftsmanship to ensure the door is as light as possible is one of our favorite choices for more old-fashioned design vision.

The Wooden Door Aesthetic in Iron — Air 8 Double Flat

Wooden doors have distinct design detailing that appeals to the average American. The classic double glass cutouts with bars, the small accents on the lower half and more. However, what if you could have a door that possessed all of these features, but in the durability and extra gleam of iron?

Our Air 8 Double Flat is the perfect choice for you, then. The glass is cut in the specific distinctive way that you’d expect a door made of wood to appear and can be customized to have elegant door handles with flourishes on it.

Intricate Detailing — Beverly Flat Top with Sidelights

The Beverly wrought iron entry door is perhaps one of our most ornate iron doors. With intersecting and intricate wrought iron detailing taking up most of the space on the door, this wrought iron door reminds us of the ‘70s and ‘80s in opulent Hollywood.

Although Beverly is available in double door arches as well as single door flat and arched tops; the crowning beauty of this entryway comes with the sidelights we offer. Perfect for both Christmas wreathes and Halloween decorations, this door is so easy to dress up and down!

Rustic and Quaint — Air Series Barn Doors

If traditional and classic entryways weren’t enough, have you thought about adding barn doors to your home? A variation of steel sliding doors , our barn doors bring American farmhouse rustic design right to your doorstep.

So, go forth and redo your home’s doorways with our classic wrought iron entry doors but also our black steel windows, iron patio doors, French iron doors, pocket steel doors and more. Don’t forget to check out the discount iron doors in our Fall sale!

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