Wrought Iron Doors as Zodiac Signs: Part 1

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Struggling to pick the right wrought iron doors for your home? If you’re having a bad case of analysis paralysis, why not let your zodiac sign take charge and decide for you?

We’ve rounded up the first six signs as iron doors to fuel your inspiration! Love arched doors? Or are you more of a scrollwork person? Read on to see whether your zodiac doors ring true.

If you can’t find your sign, head over to Part 2!

Taurus: The Air 9 Single Flat

Patient and affectionate, you love showing people how much you care about them. Whether your friend’s having an emergency and needs to crash at your place or your mom’s having a rough day and needs to vent, you’re always there for people who mean the most to you.

When it comes to interior design, you don’t like anything that’s too over the top. You love keeping things simple, real, raw, and honest. The Air 9 Single Flat is right up your alley: it’s minimalist and features square panes that are emblematic of the people you care about in life.

Aries: The Beverly Double Arch

Bold and feisty, you love a good challenge because you know you’re equipped to handle anything. When it comes to adventure, you’re ready to paint the town red at the drop of a hat!

COVID-19 has taken a toll on your energy and enthusiasm, but you’re a rule follower. There’s no way you’ll break social distancing regulations and risk putting others or yourself in danger. You play hard, and give selflessly.

The Beverly Double Arch is you in a nutshell! Bold, meticulously designed, and grandiloquent, it represents everything you stand for.

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Pisces: The Air 5 Single Flat

As a water sign, you’re imaginative, compassionate, and empathetic. You’re a dreamer and love traversing the path that connects fantasy and reality. Your residential style is modern, chic, and uncomplicated.

While you love getting creative, you’re also a stickler for symmetry, uniformity, and order. You like things as they are, and tend to be a creature of habit. Maybe that’s why you don’t like inching out of your comfort zone, but you love that about yourself.

Of course, the classic Air 5 Single Flat is the perfect iron door for you! It’s stunning, modern, and timeless. Most importantly, it allows you to get creative with other aspects of interior design—including the walls, fixtures, and ceilings.   

Virgo: The Queensway Double Flat

A perfectionist at heart, you love giving everything your best. You’ll find ways to make up for your shortcomings, even if that means overworking yourself. As an earth sign, you have a practical and analytical approach to life, and your taste in residential doors reflects that!

You’re the Queensway Double Flat, and it’s easy to see why. You’re a cut above the rest, and stand out in the crowd because of your persistence, diligence, and meticulousness.

Aquarius: The Air 5 Double Flat

Independent and imaginative, you love getting lost in the beautiful world you’ve carefully crafted in your mind. You tend to be introverted, and love protecting your energy. If you sense any toxicity, you’re quick to jump to action.

You’re passionate about equity and humanitarianism. You’re the classic Air 5 Double Flat—spacious and open yet carefully guarded.

Capricorn: The Hills Single Flat

As the last earth sign of the zodiac, you’re ambitious and disciplined. You love sticking to a routine. Your friends can easily rely on you, and you always welcome them with open arms. While your passion for discipline may cause you to sideline your priorities, you try to make time for yourself whenever life slows down a tad.

When it comes to residential design, you embody the Hills Single Flat in every way possible. The stunning scrollwork is reminiscent of the intricate structure of your life.

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