Wrought Iron Doors as Zodiac Signs: Part 2

Not a big believer in zodiac signs? You may change your mind by the end of this blog!

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’ve been analyzing our team’s personalities to determine which wrought iron doors we’re more likely to pick. It’s been a long wait, but the verdict is finally in! Curious about whether your zodiac doors are accurate? Read on to find out.

If you can’t see your sign here, head over to Part 1.

Gemini: The Miracle Double Flat

Adaptable and intellectual, you’re always ahead of the pack. You work tirelessly to meet your goals and set new ones immediately.

While you love staying busy by immersing yourself in your work, you’re also the life of every party. During COVID-19, you’ve been making time for every Zoom meeting, whether it’s a small celebration for your friend or a heart-to-heart with your sibling.

You’re the legendary Miracle Double Flat! With detailed scrollwork and a stunning finishing, these double iron doors reflect your go-getter attitude in life.

Leo: The Air Dutch Single Flat

Cue the standing ovation and round of applause; you have arrived! You’re the apple of everyone’s eye and it’s easy to see why.

Not only do you show up for everyone, but—most importantly—you show up for yourself. You’re confident without being arrogant, and love your passion for everything that you do. There’s no one who can bring you down because you’ve already set a pretty high bar for yourself.

Needless to say, you’re the dazzling Air Dutch Single Flat. Assertive, self-assured, and full of life, you command attention in every room you walk into. Just like our classic Dutch doors, you always make a statement that turns heads for all the right reasons.

Cancer: The Air 8 Double Flat

Emotional and intuitive, you love connecting with your loved ones. When it comes to superficiality and pompousness, you always maintain your distance. You love having meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals and establishing lifelong connections that keep you going. Everyone knows how loyal, caring, and selfless you are, and they’re careful not to take advantage of that because of how profusely you give to others.

There’s no limit to how generous you are, and your interior design preferences match that. You’re the stunning Air 8 Double Flat—versatile, eye-catching, and expansive. Just like your personality, these stunning wrought iron entry doors are secure, accessible, and a pleasure to have around!

Libra: The Air 19 Double Flat

As an air sign, you’re diplomatic and love creating equilibrium in each aspect of your life. If something goes wrong, you panic, but you already have foolproof mitigation and contingency plans to rely on. Your preparation keeps you from falling flat on your face.

As a planner, you’ve always taken care of everything! You’re the impressive Air 19 Double Flat! Just like you, they’re sturdy, durable, and dependable. Moreover, they’re an absolute visual treat.  

Scorpio: The Golden Gate Single Arch

Powerful, passionate, and present. Often mistaken for a fire sign, you’re actually a water sign that has an exciting and magnetic presence. You’re extremely driven about everything that you do, and go the extra mile to prove yourself to others.

However, you also tend to be private at times.

The bold Golden Gate Single Arch perfectly encapsulates your personality. The single iron door features magnetizing scrollwork, much like your engaging presence.

Sagittarius: The Air 4 Double Flat

The phrase “happy-go-lucky” was created after you! You’re optimistic, resilient, and incredibly jovial. You’re always ready to make new friends and rarely close yourself off to others. You hate beating around the bush, and tend to be straightforward in all aspects of life. Whether you’re running a business or conversing with friends, you’re unmistakably honest.

Of course, you’re everyone’s favorite—the stunning Air 4 Double Flat. Timeless and extremely versatile, like your personality, these stunning iron glass doors fit any space beautifully. They love to adapt (like you!) and always make a statement.

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