Local Attractions in Bainbridge Island, Washington: Pinky’s Iron Doors

This short ride from Seattle has plenty of beautiful sights and delicious spots to offer. Here are some interesting city attractions in Bainbridge Island.

Some places are known for their rich history and culture, and that’s what makes Bainbridge Island so special. This city is filled with beautiful heritage and attractive views that you can regularly enjoy as it’s a thirty-five-minute ferry ride from the Emerald City.

If you’re a fan of connecting with nature and the great outdoors, Bainbridge Island has a lot in store for you. From forest trails to beaches, you can take a much-needed break from your daily routine to explore this waterfront gem. Here are some popular city attractions that constitute Bainbridge Island.


Let’s face it; there’s something inherently pleasant about a lush, green garden stretching far and wide. Bainbridge Gardens is a garden center that’s situated on a historic property. This nursery covers six acres of land and is blooming with various trees, plants, bonsai, flowers, and garden art.

Besides the beautiful view and fresh evergreen scent, you can also visit a café for lunch with your friends. It has an entertaining amusement area for children and a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs. If you’re passionate about plants and flowers, you can also attend Bainbridge Gardens events or classes.

Food Spots

Whether you’re as enthusiastic about food as we are, it’s admittedly a great way to bring people together. Bainbridge Island is packed with restaurants that offer a variety of delicious food. You can start your morning at their famous Streamliner Diner with a diner-style menu with breakfast that hits the spot.

Blackbird Bakery is also an excellent store if you’re on the lookout for baked goods to take home with you. Lastly, if you’re in the mood for a mouth-watering dessert, Bainbridge island is home to Mora Ice Creamery. This shop is filled with different flavors of handmade ice cream that can satisfy your sweet tooth.


There is no shortage of museums in Bainbridge Island, and considering its rich history, it’s not all that surprising. One gallery that stands out, in particular, is the Naval Undersea Museum.

This place has an extensive collection of items that are related to the history of undersea naval operations. If you’re a fan of delving into the past, this museum is filled with displays of marine science, undersea technologies, and more.

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