Making Your Home Resemble a Page Out of a Catalog with Steel Doors in Bloomington

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Are you getting tired of the way your Bloomington house currently looks? Do you want to transform your home, making it look like one of the houses you’d see in a lifestyle magazine? We’ve got just the thing for you.

Pinky’s Iron Doors offers a range of steel doors that will make your home the envy of your neighbors and guests. Here are a few door options to consider.   

Steel Single Doors for Bedrooms

Let’s start with one of the most common entry doors used by Bloomington homeowners: single flat doors. These petite steel doors can be used throughout your home design. From adding one to your kitchen to placing one in your study, single flat doors are perfect for smaller spaces. However, most homeowners prefer using them as bedroom doors.  

For one, they’re drop-dead gorgeous. The slim door frame occupies minimal space, ensuring your bedroom’s entryway doesn’t take up a lot of wall space. The elegant doors also complement bedroom décor and aesthetic without blending in with the room design.

Steel French Doors for Home Offices

Does your Bloomington home have a dedicated working space? If you frequently work from home or have an office space for doing work-related tasks, you need to ensure you’re not interrupted while you’re in the room. The solution? A pair of steel French doors.

steel door for home office

These double doors are perfect for elevating your working space and giving it that professional touch that most sophisticated offices have. Adding these steel doors to your home office will give you the privacy you need when you’re caught up in work and are pressed for deadlines. It’ll help you focus on your tasks, minimizing outside distractions. Moreover, these steel doors are also ideal for amplifying your home design and aesthetic.

Because they’re so versatile, French doors blend in seamlessly with pretty much all architectural styles. This makes them must-haves for modern homes. You can even use them as entry doors for other rooms or outdoor spaces!

Air 5 Double Flat Steel Doors for Wine Cellars

Black steel doors can also be used as wine cellar doors. If you’re a wine connoisseur and own an impressive wine collection, you probably have a wine cellar in your Bloomington house. Upgrade your wine cellar by adding the perfect entry door for it: the Air 5 Double Flat black steel door.

This double door is a great addition to wine cellars. The slim yet sturdy black steel frame and the double pane glass help you preserve your wine collection by providing a suitable environment. Not to mention, the steel door adds aesthetic value to the wine cellar. It also allows you to display your wine collection more easily through the symmetrical glass panels.

Additionally, the Air 5 Double Flat steel door can also be used for other parts of your house. For instance, you can add it to the entrance of the master bedroom. It can also be used in the living room and patio. The easy swing mechanism makes it a popular entry door for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Steel Sliding Doors for Patios

Speaking of patios, here’s another great steel door option for you: a sliding door. Steel sliding doors have become more popular over the last few years and are now frequently added in modern and contemporary architectural styles. They act as wall-sized windows, allowing you to witness a picturesque view of your patio from inside the house. The sliding track makes it easy to operate the door, facilitating movement and making outdoor spaces more accessible.


Adding a steel sliding door to your home design also allows you to maximize daylight. Since it’s strategically placed between the indoor and outdoor space, it allows more sunlight to enter your home. Thus, the patio door helps you create a well-lit indoor space while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Many Bloomington homeowners also use steel sliding doors as room dividers. The steel doors are especially suitable for homes with open floor plans, as they don’t close off indoor spaces the way swinging doors would. They also add a modern touch to the layout, making your property look more sophisticated. Sliding doors can be used in the living room, bedrooms, home office, and even the kitchen.

The Air 4 Bi-Fold Doors for Living Rooms

If you don’t want a traditional French door for your living room and don’t have enough space to accommodate a sliding door, there’s another option in store for you: accordion doors. Also known as bi-fold doors, these steel doors have a unique operating mechanism that makes them stand out. The folding design makes them a great alternative to swinging and sliding doors.

Take the Air 4 Bi-Fold Accordion steel door, for instance. Adding this door to your living room will instantly elevate the space and make it look more aesthetically appealing. Moreover, bi-fold doors can also help your indoor space look more spacious and sophisticated. If you want your layout to look more expensive and high-end, adding an accordion door can help you achieve your desired results. You can also use these doors for your patio or home office.

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Are you ready to spruce up your Bloomington home? Pinky’s Iron Doors has got you covered. We provide an exquisite collection of steel doors, including French doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, pocket doors, barn doors, front doors, patio doors, and bi-fold doors. In addition to this, we also provide our customers with a range of single iron doors and double iron doors.

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