Modern Glass Pantry Door for the Kitchen: What You Should Know

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The pantry might not be the focal point of your property, but this doesn't mean you should pay less attention to this area. For example, if you upgrade it with a stylish glass door, it'll return the favor by helping you preserve food and blending in with the rest of the house.

But like with any other home improvement project, you need to make an informed decision when installing a glass pantry door. This article will be your North Star.

Keep reading to learn more about glass pantry doors, what makes them so beneficial, and a few ethereal pantry door ideas.

Glass Pantry Door 101

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Gone are the days when you had to settle for conventional pantry doors made entirely of wood. Glass pane models have entered the fray and revolutionized the door industry.

Glass pantry doors usually consist of one of multiple glass panels framed by metal or wood sections. The arrangement helps create a breathtaking allure and brightens up the room with natural light.

Why Do Southern California Trend-setters Install Glass Doors in Their Pantries and Kitchens?

Home improvement projects are sometimes a double-edged sword. For example, building a garage is convenient, but guess what, you now have an extra space to take care of. This means more elbow grease and less time doing what you love the most - relaxing in your lovely abode.

PINKYS Air 4 Pantry double flat steel interior door with removable threshold with simple horizontal bars results in the perfect combination of classic and contemporary used as entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers.

Here's the good news - you won't have to worry about similar problems with pantry glass doors. Here's how a high-quality model can rejuvenate your dwelling:

Benefit 1 - Making Your Kitchen and Pantry Stand Out

Some homeowners ignore their pantry design altogether. They opt for traditional doors in a neutral color, providing little-to-no character to the kitchen.

Chances are, you'll rarely encounter glass pantry doors, so why not be the first one in your neighborhood to make the transition?

By upgrading to a custom-made glass door, you allow your pantry and kitchen to stand out from the crowd. Your home won't look like hundreds of other properties in the area. Instead, you'll have something unique to brag about.

Benefit 2 - Providing an Unobstructed View of the Inside

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Interior design isn't the only thing on your mind as a homeowner. You're also a responsible Southern California resident who knows what's going on inside their house at all times. But traditional doors can get in the way of this, especially in the pantry.

These outdated models often feature wood or metal panels. Although sturdy, they obstruct the view of the inside of your pantry. Who knows - you might have put some avocados and salami there a few weeks ago and completely forgotten about them.

By the time you remember to check up on them, the foods have already gone bad.

This is less likely to happen if you have a glass pantry door.

With see-through glass panels, you can take a peek at the pantry whenever you're passing by. The material gives you a clear alley to the area, allowing you to examine it from top to bottom.

Best of all, you won't even need to grab the handle or walk in - simply stand in a good position and check the condition of your food.

Benefit 3 - Offering Incredible Durability

Contrary to popular belief, not all glass pantry doors are fragile. Most of them are delicate, but some solutions are tough as nails.

That especially rings true for tempered glass. Processed at extreme temperatures, this glass is much stronger than standard solutions. It boasts next-level impact resistance, so there's no need to worry about breakage if you accidentally tap it with a jar of mayo or homemade jam.

Another reason homeowners are passionate about their tempered glass doors is that they rarely get weathered. Weathering is a professional term for deterioration characterized by a blurry substance that appears at the surface. It's mostly caused by moisture problems, but tempered solutions are immune to these.

To illustrate this, consider what happens when the rain pelts down onto your concrete driveway. That's right - practically nothing.

The same goes for moisture and tempered glass. Rather than absorb droplets, the glass keeps them from lingering. Not only does this protect the glass, but it also shields any metal parts of the door from corrosion.

Benefit 4 - Helping Lower Electricity Bills

There's no questioning the style and beauty of a glass pantry door. But that's not the only reason Southern California homeowners mount glass doors of all sizes. They also help reduce energy bills.

How, you may ask?

The answer is simple. As previously discussed, the glass panels enable natural light to permeate the interior. Consequently, there's no need to turn on your bulb during the day, allowing you to put a dent in your electricity bill.

Benefit 5 - Lighting It Up

PINKYS Air 19 single flat iron door with 3 horizontal bars running throughout the design

Remember those dark chambers from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings? That's exactly what a pantry can look like without sufficient lighting.

And if you're careful with your energy use, you don't like turning on the bulb whenever you're inside.

So, how do you go about low lighting in your pantry? Here's an all-cure to your struggles - install a glass door.

A glass door allows light to shine upon every nook and cranny in the pantry. This way, you enable your electrical grid to take a break, and you can effortlessly see the entire area.

Benefit 6 - Allowing You to Customize the End Result

Glass pantry doors are built to last. They're also built to meet your specific needs. Here at PINKYS, we can customize the doors to ensure you get a perfect result.

For example, you might be looking for a unique color to spruce up your home. If so, PINKYS can provide something that aligns with your vision. Whether you want a subtler nuance or vivid options, simply voice your preferences and leave the rest to seasoned experts. With years of experience in the business, we have what it takes to deliver an eye-catching solution.

Besides the paint, you can also customize other important aspects of your product. For instance, you can reinvigorate the standard look of a common door by requesting special patterns or textures.

Another option is to order an etched glass pantry door. The technique creates sophisticated patterns and shapes to add a touch of elegance to your pantry. You can buy a product with default etching or request special signage or lettering with emotional symbolism.

Whatever you decide, the manufacturer will use advanced items and experiment with a variety of styles to make it happen.

Benefit 7 - Improving Bland Design with Frosted Glass

A special sub-type of a glass pantry door is the so-called frosted glass pantry door. The reason why it's called frosted glass is that it looks like frost has frozen the surface, creating a blurry texture. This look is created through a process known as sandblasting.

Once a manufacturer has sandblasted and painted a glass door, the product is ready to use. Set it up in your pantry, and it'll yield tremendous benefits:

  • Incredible durability - If you're tired of brittle glass doors, frosted glass is your light at the end of the tunnel. It's much sturdier than standard materials, allowing it to withstand enormous outside pressure. Plus, it's weather-resistant, meaning it retains its spellbinding look for many years.
  • Colors galore - You may want to move away from colorless glass. In that case, frosted glass doors are a fabulous pick. They can be painted virtually any nuance, from jet black and off-white to forest green and navy blue. You can also combine yellow panels with white trim for a sunnier appearance.
  • More privacy - Transparent glass goes a long way in preserving food, but it also reduces privacy. You can solve the problem with frosted glass. The hazy texture prevents your party guests from checking out your pantry as easily when they wander into the kitchen for a refill.

Benefit 8 - Simplifying Pantry Maintenance

You may find pantry maintenance tedious. One of the reasons you might be struggling to keep the place clean is that your door is made of unforgiving materials.

Wood and metal can be especially troublesome in this respect. On the one hand, cleaning a wood door regularly with water can make the material absorb too much moisture. It eventually warps and separates from the threshold, allowing critters to invade your pantry.

On the other hand, metal doors are notorious for their corrosive nature. The more you scour them with water, the more likely they are to rust. Oftentimes, you can only clean the surface with specifically-designed (and exorbitant) products.

It would be great if you didn't need to be so nitpicky when keeping your door in great shape, wouldn't it?

PINKYS is here to make it happen. Go through our curated assortment and order a frosted glass pantry door to end your maintenance concerns. This material is resistant to dust, moisture, and many other elements that are the Achilles' heel of alternative solutions. We also provide an all-in-one spray cleaner for iron and steel to simplify maintenance.

Benefit 9 - Arriving in a Myriad of Styles

Lifestyle of PINKYS Steel Door Pocket Sliders

If you're worried that glass pantry doors won't fit your house, it's time to abandon this mindset. Rest assured, knowing frosted glass doors and other door types are available in a plethora of styles.

For instance, your hands aren't tied if the area between the current pantry door and kitchen is narrow. You need only install a pocket door to overcome the space restrictions.

A pocket pantry glass door is a door that slides on tracks. The tracks are installed into neighboring walls, allowing the door to merge with the walls when open.

Hence, there's no need to relocate the dishwasher or trash can. Our pocket door design is a sublime style that lets you save space and add a new dimension to your pantry.

If your walls aren't thick enough to accommodate a pocket, PINKYS won't leave you high and dry. We can also ship sliding doors with wall-mounted rails.

Benefit 10 - Long-lasting Investment

PINKYS Air 19 double entry iron door with 3 horizontal bars running throughout the design

Glamorous. Enticing. Versatile.

You can put a checkmark next to all three boxes if you buy glass pantry doors.

But don't stop there - add their long-lasting design to the equation to complete the picture. On average, glass doors last more than three decades. Properly maintained, they might serve you for even longer and add a ton of value to your house.

And even though glass doors are more expensive than wood doors upfront, they're a much better buy in the long run.

Think about it; repairing a warped or rotten part of a wooden door might be cheap, but what if multiple sections are affected? Or, what if you need to replace these areas over and over again? The costs quickly add up and close the initial gap.

Frosted glass doors aren't plagued by such maladies. With minimal effort, you can ensure they last much longer than traditional doors.

Awe-inspiring Styles of Glass Pantry Doors

It's easy to see why glass pantry doors are up pretty much anyone's alley. They greatly improve the appeal of the area and provide ample natural lighting. Consider the option to customize your product, too, and you might be sold already on a brand-new door.

If that's the case, you should look for a style that suits your home best. To help you speed up the search, here are a few creative pantry door ideas:

Single-flat Frosted Glass Pantry Door

PINKYS Frosted Glass

We've already shed light on what frosted glass means. As for the single-flat part of this style, it refers to glass doors with just one column of flat glass panels. Devoid of any curvature and indentations, it's a match made in heaven for minimalists.

What's great about this kitchen and pantry door style is that it lends itself to fun design options. For example, you can get an etched glass product with striking patterns to impart an outlandish charm to the place.

You'll also enjoy its versatile installation. It can be mounted as a sliding door and hide inside a wall when closed. By the same token, you can mount a rail above the entryway and hang your door from there. Standard positioning is available, too, where the door opens inwards or outwards.

Double-flat Frosted Glass Pantry Door

Single-flat frosted glass pantry doors and double-flat frosted glass pantry doors aren't worlds apart. On the contrary, the only major difference is that the latter has two series of glass panels. They're either divided and have separate handles or move as a single unit as the door travels across the tracks.

Regarding other aspects, the two options are spitting image of each other. Both the double and single-flat alternatives lend themselves to creative designs and installation methods.

Frosted Glass Pantry Door with a Kick Plate

When browsing the PINKYS collection, you'll notice that some glass pantry doors aren't entirely made of glass. Instead, the lower section has a metal or wood component. This part is known as the kick plate.

You must have had many huge shopping sprees and came home with two or three grocery bags in each hand. Instead of lowering them on the countertop and putting the items in the pantry one by one, you want to bring them inside at the same time.

However, your hands are busy, and the only way to open the door is to kick it. That's where the kick plate comes in.

Instead of risking damage to a glass or wood panel, feel free to kick the plate open. Just make sure not to go too hard because these parts aren't impervious.

Glass Door with a Pull Handle

In some cases, sliding pantry doors might not be your forte. You prefer the handled alternative. Still, don't make a hasty decision. Ask yourself: "How big a door handle do I want?"

Tiny knobs are inconspicuous and ideal for minimalists. They take up little space on the door, allowing the door itself to take center stage.

You can go in the other direction and choose doors with an oversized knob. These are easier to open while in a pinch and the knob can be a style statement for added effect.

Arched Pantry Doors

PINKYS Air 4 Black Steel Double Full Arch Doors

Just because they're for a more utility-oriented room, that doesn't mean pantry doors can't have a bit of style. Arched doors like our Double Full Arch can create a more pleasing aesthetic and blend into a historic home much better. With a sleek curve and elegant design, you'll feel like you're opening a secret room in a castle every time you pop in for some ingredients.

How Do I Add a Unique Flair to My Pantry? Installing a Glass Pantry Door Is Your Best Bet

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Modern glass pantry doors are the creme de la creme of what the door industry has to offer. It's perfect for any homeowner who wants to achieve spectacular interior decor.

But who do you turn to for these majestic products? PINKYS is the only provider you'll ever need.

Give us a call or head to our website to browse our curated collection. Each product features top-of-the-line craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials, so you know you're getting your money's worth.

With PINKYS by your side, excellence is guaranteed.

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