Modern Interior Doors for Your Fort Wayne Home

Are you looking for beautifully designed and stylish interior iron doors for your Fort Wayne Home? Search no further than Pinky’s Iron Doors. We have an extensive range of single iron doors, steel front doors, wrought iron doors, iron doors with glass, and factory-style steel doors.

Here are some of our ultra-chic, versatile, and best-selling interior metal doors that can give your Fort Wayne home interiors a modern look.

Air 5 Interior Metal Door - Double Flat


Our Air 5 Interior Double Flat Metal Door is one of our best-selling passage steel door designs that offer the perfect amalgam of style, texture, and design with clear glass panes divided equally along the width and length of the door.

While this is a classic double interior iron door, its innovative design can fit even the smallest of places. This beautifully crafted door will not let you compromise on your interior aesthetics.

Air 4 Interior - Double Flat


The Air 4 Interior Double Flat is another ultra-modern interior iron door that’s neither very bold nor excessively space-consuming. It’s a perfect addition to your Fort Wayne home’s interior. This door adds a cozy element with large glass panes that lets the natural light illuminate the space, making it functional and energy-efficient. If your aesthetic is all about clean lines, this is the door you should get.

Air Lite Single Mini Arch


Our Air Lite Single Mini Arch interior iron door is an eclectic combination of glass panes, arches, and beautiful frames to offer an ultra-chic look to your interior space in your Fort Wayne house.

This door is perfect for the living room, bedroom and can also act as a seamless room divider. The breathtaking frosted glass, clean lines, and curved top of this interior steel door add an attractive visual appeal to your interior. If you value privacy, this is the door for you!

Our collection of interior steel doors is exquisite. Our door styles include front doors, patio doors, entry doors, sliding doors, Dutch doors, French doors, and cold weather doors. Each of our door styles are designed to keep timelessness in mind.

So, are you ready to redesign the interior space of your Fort Wayne home? Browse our wide range of interior doors. Call us at (844) 843-6677 for more information.

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